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Professional Wella hair products have been used in salons around the world for over 60 years. The Wella name is synonymous with quality, reliability and cutting edge coloring techniques. Their products for hair color offer a wide variety of shades and special effects. Wella hair color products applied correctly consistently deliver superb results. Reviews confirm that Wella products continue to be highly rated by many users.

When choosing a new shade, online color charts can help you become familiar with the different Wella hair color families. However, don't rely on online charts to make a final color choice. Computer monitors vary in resolution and color settings so most online colors will differ from the actual product. Ideally you'll review a Wella hair color chart with a salon hair coloring professional. Comparing hair color swatches is the best option because you can place them next to your complexion under artificial and natural light. A salon colorist should assess all the factors that affect how to achieve the target shade. Hair texture, porosity, natural color level, chemical service history and percentage of gray/white hair all need to be considered to determine the best professional hair color product for you. Here are some helpful tips on hair coloring to get the best results.

Popular Wella Hair Products

Wella Koleston Perfect

This popular permanent hair color cream is known best for its intense, vibrant color. Developed in 1950, it was the first commercial cream hair color. Wella Koleston color continues to evolve by improving color durability and shade selection. It covers up to 100% gray/white hair and can lighten or darken color. Koleston hair color offers 109 shades in six tonal families:

  • 'Pure Naturals' offer true-to-life shades from lightest blonde to beautiful dark hair colors
  • 'Rich Naturals' provide elegant, refined shades with natural accents
  • 'Vibrant Reds' are distinctive and exciting Wella red color hair dyes that resist fading
  • 'Deep Browns' offer a wide range of lively brunette shades in warm and cool tones
  • 'Special Blonde' provides shimmering, pure blonde colors and can safely lighten hair up to five levels
  • 'Special Mix' is a sophisticated palette that offers intense and dramatic effects. Can be custom mixed for individual expression.

Koleston recently introduced an innovative Triluxiv technology that boasts three new advancements in hair color science:

  1. Deposits of lipids throughout hair to reduce porosity. This promotes consistent hair structure so color pigments navigate and distribute evenly;
  2. Special High Density Color (HDC) molecules to provide intense color development;
  3. Increase in hair shine when HDC molecules chemically link to hair cuticle components to reflect more light.

Wella Color Touch

Color Touch is a Wella hair products brand that complements its permanent dye counterpart, Koleston. Both product lines share the same shades and numbering system with the exception of the Special Blondes shade family. It's an ammonia-free, demi permanent color that provides excellent gray blending, color refreshing, color correction and natural color enhancement. Color Touch maximizes light interaction with color. It delivers multidimensional color with oxidative dyes that penetrate hair fibers and direct dyes that deposit color. Special glimmer pigments with a crystal structure are added to increase light reflection. Natural waxes encourage shine and hair proteins promote a smoother hair surface to reflect light better.

Another popular Wella hair products brand is Wella Sunlights. It's a Color Touch product developed specifically to brighten natural hair color just a little. Typically used on natural hair, it's a gentle, conditioning, semi-permanent treatment for those new to hair coloring.


Blondor is a professional lightening product that creates stunning, natural looking blond hair color. Recently repackaged and reformulated with special lightening ingredients, it now protects hair better, provides improved performance and makes application easier. There are four Blondor lightener products to choose from:

  • 'Extra Cool Blonde Powder' both lifts color and adds a light cool blonde tone in one step. It works on natural and pre-colored hair and is ideal for highlighting services.
  • 'Blonde Seal and Care' is applied after a color lightening service to neutralize pH levels, lock in color and moisturize hair.
  • 'Multi Blonde Powder' quickly and gently lightens hair up to 7 levels, even resistant red shades. Contains anti-yellow molecules in a creamy formula to ensure pure blonde results.
  • 'Soft Blonde Cream' contains lipids and chamomile extracts. Ideal for color correction, its gentle formula protects and soothes hair and scalp.

Wella Magma

Magma Ultra Lifting Powder Color is one of the more innovative Wella hair products. It lightens hair while also depositing color at the same time. It's primarily a lightener that provides up to six levels of color lift. Magma is ideal for any new hair highlight idea a client may have. It can color and lighten dark hair easily and create stunning dark hair highlight effects.

Magma uses new Oxyresistan technology with pre-colored and direct dyes to deliver permanent lightening on the darkest hair, either color-treated or natural. Eleven colors are available in shades ranging from brunette, red, auburn and blonde. Magma dyes are resistant to lighteners so it's easier to re-color to a darker shade than a lighter one after using it.

Wella Color Perfect

Of all the Wella hair products for hair color, this permanent crème is a long time user favorite. It provides predictable natural looking shades with a formula that intensifies color and boosts blonde tones. It comes in the following hair color families: Natural (N), Gold (G), Ash (A), Red-Gold (RG), Red-Violet (RV), Red-Red (RR), Warm Blonde (WB) and Brown-Red (BR). All shades can be intermixed to create custom shades. Although this is one of the Wella hair products that has been discontinued, it can still be purchased from online sites such as Ebay and Amazon.

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