Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm has recently been reformulated with a new Liquifuse technology and is now more popular than ever. It's a permanent liquid hair color that resists fading and provides excellent gray hair coverage. Color Charm colors come in 62 shades that can be mixed for endless creativity. New product packaging makes it easy to identify colors in the seven shade families: natural, gold, ash, warm, red, cool and violet. Fortunately, Wella Color Charm is a retail brand that is readily available to consumers in most stores. You can also find many online sites that offer specials on discount Wella hair care products. If you prefer professional hair services, check out these Wella color hair dyes available in salons.


Wella Color Charm hair dye is ideal for changing hair color or refreshing existing color. Wella Color Charm colors can darken or lighten hair color by one or two shades. The recommended process time is 30 to 45 minutes and varies depending on the color results desired. Leaving the dye on hair for more than 45 minutes won't result in more intense color and may end up damaging hair. Process time is also determined by whether your hair is already color-treated hair or if you are coloring natural hair. Color-treated hair tends to absorb dye more quickly so it usually requires less time to achieve the same results as natural hair.

Wella Color Charm Shades

To determine which shade  is best for you, check the Wella hair color charts available online. Simply go to the Color Charm website, click the 'Discover the Products' link on the right side, then click the 'Download Color Charm Product Catalog' link in red text. This website also has an Education section that provides useful information on hair color levels, primary and secondary tones and recommended developer strength. For advice from a hair color specialist call Wella Color Charm customer care at 1-866-722-4146.

Every Wella Color Charm shade is identified by an alphanumeric code. The number indicates the color level while the letter(s) identifies the tone. When there are two letters for the tone, the first represents the primary tone while the second is the secondary tone. For example, a light brown hair color with natural, warm overtones would be identified as code '5NW'. If both letters are identical the tone color will be extra intense. Here's a hair color comparison chart that lists many different color codes used by Wella, Redken, Matrix, Clairol, Loreal and Ion that represent equivalent shades.

                    Hair Color Levels

                12 - High Lift

                10 - Lightest Blonde

                 9  - Very Light Blonde

                 8  - Light Blonde

                 7  - Medium Blonde

                 6  - Dark Blonde

                 5  - Light Brown

                 4  - Medium Brown

                 3  - Dark Brown

                 2  - Very Dark Brown

                 1  - Black

Wella Tonal Chart

N - Natural

A - Ash

G - Gold

W - Warm

R  - Red

C - Cool

V - Violet

The improved version of Wella Color Charm comes in a 2 ounce bottle of liquid color that is mixed with a cream developer to activate it. Once the color and developer combine a gel is formed for easy application. The gel saturates hair shafts to penetrate and deliver pigment molecules for long lasting color. To get professional looking results at home with Wella Color Charm read the application instructions carefully. Determine factors such as what strength of developer to use, the correct process time needed and what shade to select to provide the best level and tone combination.

Wella Shampoo and Conditioner

Wella balsam shampoo and conditioner were introduced in the 1970s and quickly became consumer favorites. These products restored and moisturized dry and damaged hair extremely well. They had a delectable fragrance derived from aromatic resins obtained from balsam plants. Although this line of Wella balsam products has been discontinued there are many loyal fans that continue to buy them at various outlets.

Wella Kolestral products are another consumer favorite from years gone by. Judging from user reviews, the Wella Kolestral conditioner performed daily miracles by transforming deeply stressed hair into silky tresses. It relieved dry and itchy scalp, restored shine and made hair look and feel healthy. This line of products has also been discontinued and is similarly missed by many people.

Check here for these hard to find favorites as well as other brands of discontinued beauty products that are still available. Even though these Wella products are no longer available in retail stores, some online outlets still carry inventory from time to time.

Wella SP (System Products)

Here are some newer Wella shampoos and conditioners formulated to protect hair health and prevent color fading that have been getting great reviews from users.

  • Wella SP Repair Shampoo: Provides essential nutrition to repair damaged hair. Contains proteins to restore structure to cuticle layer, glycine to nourish hair cortex and wheat germ oil to moisturize.
  • Wella SP Repair Conditioner: An intensive treatment for damaged and chemically treated hair. Nourishing formula restructures hair immediately. After shampoo apply conditioner to damp hair. Leave on for 30 seconds, then rinse.
  • Wella SP Color Saver Shampoo: Helps to retain color with protection molecules, D-panthenol and beeswax. Gently cleanses while sealing color in.

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