Temporary Hair Color

No matter how you color your hair, temporary hair color products should be a part of your hair color routine. They come in a variety of applications such as gels, rinses, hair color mousse, hair color wand, foam hair color, spray hair color and hair chalk. With so many choices you're sure to find a favorite one.

Temporary hair dyes simply coat the hair shaft and wash out with one shampoo. They don't contain ammonia or peroxide so the dye doesn't penetrate the inner hair shaft. They are relatively safe hair color products and don't have some of the hair dye dangers permanent dyes can have. If you have color damaged hair they can be a gentle alternative until your hair gets back to normal. If you've never used a temporary hair color product, consider their various advantages. Temporary hair color sprays are a great way to instantly cover gray, try out fun colors or experiment with highlights without committing to permanent dye. Check out these great highlighting hair tips and photos to inspire ideas for your new look.

Experiment With Temporary Hair Color

Whether you're an experienced pro or just learning how to color your hair, before committing to a new color with permanent hair dye, do a trial run first with a temporary product. If you love what you see, follow-up with permanent or semi-permanent dye with confidence. If the results don't look so great, no problem. Simply shampoo out and try a different color. Check out these hair color rinses that are especially easy to use.

Sometimes you just want a temporary makeover for a special one-time event. Temporary hair color fits the bill perfectly. Add blonde highlights, change shades or experiment with color streaks to create stunning results for that unique occasion.

Touch Up Roots and Hairline Fast

So you've colored your hair and look fabulous....for now. But in 3 weeks those pesky roots start showing up and it's time for a hair color touch up. No matter how you color your hair everyone has to cover up re-growth. The question is....what's the easiest, safest and most natural looking way?

Applying permanent or semi-permanent dye on roots repeatedly until your next full hair color can dry hair out. Use a temporary color like Fanci-full instead and skip the ammonia and peroxide. These hair color touch up products are easy to apply. Especially the mascara brush wands which can target small detailed areas along roots and hairline more precisely. Also, they can be carried in purse or pocket for quick touch ups whenever needed.

Beard and Mustache...Get Rid of the Grey

When coloring a beard or mustache try to avoid a solid monotone color. It can contrast too sharply with the normal color variations found in natural hair. Temporary coloring products let you apply subtle shading and just the right amount of color by hand to provide the most authentic results. These products lets you experiment with different shades to find the best look.

The applications that use a mascara brush wand are very effective. They're easy to apply, dry quickly and create natural looking color variations. Try using two similar shades blended in your beard or mustache. For guys on the go these products are easy to take with you for instant touch ups anywhere.

Go a Little Wild....Temporarily

Ready for some hot pink or neon blue? Colored gels and hair sprays can create any crazy look you want for just a few hours. You can even try a punky hair dye with fluorescent shades and metallic highlighting. These temporary hair colors can make quite a splash. Have fun experimenting with unique hair color ideas and get your creative juices flowing! Find out more about popular hair color trends like pastels and emo colors. And don't forget temporary hair color for kids to jazz up special events and party time.

Check out these photos of bold, inspired temporary hair colors using special effects punk hair dye. These do it yourself hair color products stay on until you decide to wash them out. A word of caution with the aerosol spray cans...use with plenty of fresh air, don't inhale the fumes and keep spray away from your eyes.

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