Removing Hair Color Stains

Removing hair color stains can be difficult. Dark brown or black permanent dyes are especially hard to take off. A professional hair color stain remover can be purchased at most beauty supply stores. However, there are also common household products that may work just as well. A simple homemade stain remover not only saves money but may be more gentle on sensitive skin. It's easy to learn how to get stains out using just a few readily available ingredients. Here's a great reference that explains how to remove many common stains as well as tips on removing hair dye stains.

It's much harder to remove hair color stains once they've set for a few minutes. Try to prevent stains from occurring in the first place by wiping up spilled dye quickly with soap and water. To keep hair dye off skin completely apply a thin layer of vaseline or hand lotion around the hairline. Always wear gloves when removing hair color stains to protect hands. Move bath rugs and towels away from work area. Have old rags on hand to clean up drips immediately. If you need to remove some dye from your hair check out these three top-rated products.

Removing Hair Dye From Skin

Lemon Juice & Baking Soda

Many people claim baking soda paste can remove hair dye on skin. This stain remover recipe is equal parts baking soda, dish soap and lemon juice. The baking soda provides abrasion, the soap helps lift the stain and the lemon juice acts as a mild bleach. Simply dip a damp cloth into the paste and rub gently while removing hair color stain. Rinse with water and followup with moisturizer.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Dampen a cotton ball with the 3% solution sold in stores and dab on skin. Using hydrogen peroxide for stain removal on skin is usually effective but may need to be repeated several times. There are many different uses for hydrogen peroxide. It's used as a teeth whitener, laundry brightener, household disinfectant and antiseptic. Learn more about this impressive, all-purpose household wonder. Here's a great resource on how to use hydrogen peroxide in many different helpful ways.

Gentle Abrasion

When removing hair color from skin sometimes just simple abrasion works best. Many people claim rubbing skin with a whitening toothpaste works well. Other products like lava soap or anti-dandruff shampoos also provide mild abrasion and are equally good at removing hair color stains.

Bathroom Surfaces

Stains are more difficult to remove from materials that are soft and porous such as porcelain and fiberglass. Tile and marble have harder surfaces so don't absorb stains as readily. There are several options available to remove hair color stain from different materials. For porous surfaces dampen a white cloth with hydrogen peroxide or an oil-based nail polish remover. Then slowly rub stain using circular motions. For harder surfaces rubbing alcohol is recommended instead of hydrogen peroxide.

Another option is to cover stains with baking soda paste and let it set a few minutes. Rub stain with a white cloth, rinse and re-apply to continue removing hair color stain until it's gone. Or you can spray the stain with a solution of one part bleach to 4 parts water and wait a few minutes. Be careful not to use bleach spray on a non-white surface though since it can remove colors.



A simple 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water solution should remove most hair dye stains from fabric if applied right away. Saturate fabric with vinegar solution, then rub vigorously with a white cloth. It's a good idea to have a spray bottle of this stain fighter on hand to be ready whenever needed.

Another good stain remover is cream of tartar powder which is a by-product of wine making. It's an acid salt that lowers the pH when dissolved in liquid. It's acidic property enables it to remove stains from clothing and other fabrics. Make a thick paste by mixing ½ cup cream of tartar with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice. Or create your own all natural stain remover spray by just mixing a little powder with water. To remove hair dye from carpet simply spray tartar solution until heavily saturated, let it set a few minutes, then blot out stain with white cloth.

Precautions When Removing Hair Color

  • Don't ever mix cleaners! Be careful when making homemade household cleaners. When bleach and ammonia combine, dangerous toxic vapors are created. Ammonia breaks down chemicals in bleach to release chlorine gas and other chloramines. Chlorine gas can be lethal. It has been used as a chemical weapon during war, that's how dangerous it is.
  • When removing stains don't let any stain removal product get near your eyes or mouth. If it does, rinse off immediately with cool water.
  • No matter where or what cleaning agent you're using on a hair color stain, always do a spot test first in an inconspicuous area.
  • Ventilate room as much as possible by opening door, windows and turning on fan.
  • Don't use metal utensils or containers with bleach.

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