Discover how to reverse gray hair with Reminex. This all natural supplement contains vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other ingredients that support healthy hair pigmentation. The makers of this product claim it can reverse gray hair naturally for both men and women. Their patented formula is believed to stimulate melanocytes that produce melanin pigment. The powerhouse gray hair pill supplies specific nutrients needed by hair follicles to create color. Because it contains only natural ingredients the makers state it has no negative side effects when taken as directed. Most users should see noticeable results within several months of continued use.

Their clinically tested formula claims to:

  • activate production of melanin by reviving dormant hair follicles
  • target the cause of gray hair at the cellular level where pigmentation is produced
  • restore natural hair color gradually without harmful chemicals

What Causes Gray Hair?

Many factors contribute to the onset of both normal and premature gray hair. Heredity, thyroid imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, environment and aging are some of the more common culprits. Does stress cause gray hair? Yes, it can be a contributing factor over time by impairing general health. Excessive gray hair stress causes important vitamin and mineral levels to plummet which can lead to impaired hair growth and decreased production of hair color pigments.

Each hair shaft contains pigment granules (melanin) in its middle cortex. The size, color and number of pigment granules are supplied by hair follicles. Their density and distribution determine each individual's unique hair color. Hair follicles are the important growth engines that produce melanin. The specific reason why hair turns gray is simply the loss of pigment granules. When the pigment cells in our hair diminish in size and number the lack of color results in gray. Therefore, the remedy for gray hair is to reactivate pigment cells (melanocytes) to start producing again.

What Does Reminex Contain?

Here's a list by category of the active ingredients used in their original proprietary blend:

Minerals: Calcium, Zinc, Chromium, Molybdenum, Iodine

Vitamin B complex: B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Inositol, PABA

Herbal Extracts: Shou Wu, Saw Palmetto Extract,Ginseng, Dong Kuia, Gota Kola, Nettles, Pumpkin Seed, Eleuthero Root, Muira, Puma Root, Uwa Ursi, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract

Misc: Bromelain, L-Cysteine, Collagen, CQ-10, Omega-3

There are several products to choose from:

  • 'GH Extra Strength' provides 90 tablets per bottle. The dosage is 3 tablets a day so one bottle lasts about a month.
  • 'Reminex 60' provides 60 capsules per bottle. The dosage is 2 capsules a day so one bottle lasts about a month. It's enhanced with additional ingredients such as Catalase, Horsetail Extract, L-Tyrosine, Plant Sterols, Chlorophyll and Hordeum to stimulate pigment production.
  • A conditioner and shampoo for gray hair are also available that contain many of the same ingredients supplied in the supplements. Providing a similar, consistent hair environment may support the effectiveness of the supplements.

Can It Really Reverse Gray Hair?

Reviews for this product have been mixed. Some users claim their hair color did change steadily from gray back to their original color. Others say it had little or no effect, but did improve their overall hair health nonetheless. Best results were noted when the product was used for at least six months. One Reminex review commented that it seems to work best when the original hair color is dark. For optimal results, make sure your diet includes these super nutrients that support restoring natural hair color.

The makers of Reminex for gray hair are so confident you'll see improvement within 3 months that they offer a risk free guarantee. If after 90 days you are not satisfied with the results, simply ship any remaining product back within the next 10 days and they will refund your full purchase price, no questions asked. Compared to other gray hair treatments it's reasonably priced at about less than $1 a day.

Learning how to prevent gray hair and restore color with a safe, natural solution couldn't get much easier. So what are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose... except your gray hair!

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