Redken Color Gels

Redken Color Gels and other popular Redken hair products offer effective and innovative hair care for men and women. Redken Laboratories was founded by hairdresser Jheri Redding and actress Paula Kent in 1960 in California. By combining their last names (Red-Ken) and investing $3000 they launched their business and hair care vision. Wanting to take a scientific approach, they developed protein-based products in a slightly acidic base that worked with the natural composition of hair. Their philosophy was revolutionary at the time but very popular with consumers. Today Redken hair color continues to power beauty through science with groundbreaking hair color technology.

Redken professional products are available in salons where trained colorists use Redken hair color products. Salons should provide a Redken hair color chart to help individuals choose a flattering shade. Hair colorists can also recommend the best Redken hair care product to complement and maintain the hair color service. Check here for salons near you offering a Redken discount. A licensed Redken distributor provides these products to affiliated salons in most large cities. However, if a salon is not located nearby, you can usually buy Redken products online at sites like Ebay, Amazon or beauty supply stores.

Redken Color Gels

Redken Color Gels are 100% oxidative, long lasting permanent dyes that provide rich, multi-dimensional color, cover gray and condition hair. They can change hair color by several shades lighter or darker, add balayage highlights and create unlimited hair fashion effects. Redken Color Gels use UV light-stable dyes to resist fading and contain amino acids and avocado oil to strengthen and hair and add shine. Redken Color Gels offer over 50 shades and are formulated as a thick gel for no-drip application and easy cleanup.

Redken Color Gels generally received great reviews. Users commented on exceptional gray coverage and durable color, especially with red shades. Many thought Redken Color Gels was gentle on skin and left hair looking shiny and healthy, not flat or lackluster. The Redken Color Gels developer should be used with this product to produce optimal consistency for precise application and control.

Redken Fusion

Like Redken Color Gels, this product also provides permanent, long lasting color. It resists fading with high tenacity dyes that lock in color and conditioners that nourish hair fibers. Redkin Fusion differs from Redken Color Gels in that it provides advanced gray hair coverage. It's formulated to cover hair that has over 50% gray or has extremely resistant gray hair. Redken Fusion comes in a thick,creamy formula for easy and precise application. It offers over 100 shades that belong to specific application categories such as:

  • Cover Fusion: Contains low ammonia and provides advanced gray hair coverage on up to 100% gray hair
  • High Fusion: A great product to customize hair color with tonal amplifiers and highlighters. Mix and match shades for unlimited hair effects.
  • Extra Lift: Special lift boosters provide up to 5 levels of color lift. Six calibrated shades work on all color bases to create a range of cool and neutralized results.

Redken Shades EQ Cream Hair Color

This ammonia-free product is demi-permanent dye that enhances existing color but cannot lighten it. It gently blends away gray, renews faded color and corrects brassy tones. Offered in 20 Redken EQ shades, this product is ideal for those who want subtle color changes, a darker color or refreshed color. The product contains amino acids and pomegranate oil to condition hair and add shine.

The creamy formula works well with application techniques such as color blocking and specific hair color placement. For best results refer to the Redken Shades EQ color chart to find a flattering shade. If you're purchasing a Redken product from a beauty supply store ask for a chart. Otherwise, an internet search may provide an online version of the Redken Shades EQ color list.

Redken Shades EQ Color Gloss

EQ Color Gloss products are also ammonia-free formula, provide rich color and add shimmering highlights. It's a conditioning color gloss that is thinner in consistency so is best applied with Redken applicator bottles. Use it to glaze your existing shade, intensify color, lightly refresh color, or correct color-treated hair. The Shades Gloss products tend to impart a fine, glassy texture to hair. Should you gloss or glaze? Find out the differences between hair glazing and glossing here.

Reviewers comment it's easy to apply, has a pleasant fragrance, adds lots of shine and enhances natural hair color, especially reds. They caution colors come out a bit darker than expected, so choose one about 2 tones lighter than what you're aiming for. This product offers over 50 shades as well as an unpigmented version called Crystal Clear. The clear gloss can be used alone to simply add more shine or can be mixed with another EQ Color Gloss product to decrease the shade intensity.


Other Redken Hair Care Products

Redken Hot Sets Thermal Setting Mist

This spray effortlessly locks in your hairstyle all day and evening. It prevents heat damage from flat irons, blow dryers and curlers. Controls hair without sticky buildup unlike many hair sprays and leaves hair shiny. Can be used on any type of hair including bleached, permed or color-treated. For best results spray evenly and style one small section at a time.

Redken Chemistry Hair Treatments

Redken Chemistry Hair Treatments are 'shots' of concentrated ingredients. Each intense treatment is sprayed on hair and yields immediate benefits in about 5 minutes. The following formulas can be applied individually full strength or blended for a custom hair treatment.

  • 'Protect Shot' for color-treated hair includes a UV filter and mineral blockers to prevent color fading. Contains ceramide, a natural lipid found in hair to support hair structure.
  • 'Soft Shot' for dry and brittle hair. An intense moisturizer containing gold camelina, avocado oil, silk amino acids and olive oil.
  • 'Anti-Frizz Shot' controls and smooths dry, unruly hair with macadamia oil, candelilla wax and cationic refiners.
  • 'Real Control Shot' for dense, dry and distressed hair. Contains shea butter, protein and cationic conditioners to repair hair deeply while retaining moisture.
  • 'Dandruff Control Shot' provides relief with salicylic acid and soothing glycerin. Helps eliminate dry flakes and hydrate the scalp.
  • 'Strength Shot' is intensive treatment for chemically distressed hair. Reinforces hair fibers with wheat protein and citric acid, balances pH levels and seals cuticles.

Shampoos and Moisturizers

The following Redken products generally received rave reviews from users. One exception is the Redken Smooth Lock Conditioner which replaces the popular but discontinued Redken Smooth Down Conditioner. 

  • Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo: Formulated to cleanse multi-tonal blondes and revive highlights. Enriched with grapefruit extract and UV filters to protect hair from sun. Shimmering mica adds a unique crystal shine.
  • Redken Blonde Glam Conditioner: Detangles and softens hair with a lightweight feel. Promotes a bright, shiny finish.
  • Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo: A clarifying shampoo that removes build up from hair such as mousse, waxy conditioners, chlorine and hairspray. This popular Redken Hair Cleansing Cream product is gentle on color-treated hair and pH balanced.
  • Redken Smooth Down Shampoo: A smoothing, anti-frizz shampoo for coarse, dry, unruly hair. Contains candelilla wax and macadamia oil to provide a humidity-resistant, smooth finish.
  • Redken Smooth Lock Conditioner: This new product replaces the popular but discontinued Redken Smooth Down Conditioner. 
  • Redken Color Extend Shampoo: A rich foam shampoo that cleanses and protects color-treated hair. Contains UV filters to prevent color fading and a conditioning formula to promote hair strength.
  • Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner: Detangles hair, leaves a soft, light finish.Ideal for dry hair, it replenishes and balances moisture in hair fibers without adding heaviness.

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