Nice N Easy Hair Color

Nice N Easy Hair Color products are made by Clairol, a company started by two Americans in the 1930's. They pioneered easy and affordable home hair coloring for the average woman. Their 'Miss Clairol' product introduced in the 1950's made home hair color accessible to many women for the first time. This one-step home hair color was an instant success. Today, Clairol has expanded their products to include permanent and semi-permanent colors, blonding kits, color glosses, highlighters and hair color for men. Clairol products have been used for years by loyal fans. Their current permanent color product for home use is sold under the brand name Nice N Easy Hair Color.

Clairol Nice N Easy Color Blend

This permanent liquid hair color is great for trying a new shade or simply enhancing your current one. Color lasts up to 8 weeks and is available in 40 shades. The product gets rave reviews from users. Its' Color Blend Technology creates dimensional highlights and lowlights by layering rich tones. Every shade contains 3 or more tones so results rival those found in natural, uncolored hair. Each kit contains a precision applicator and a Colorseal conditioner packet to lock in color and shine. Normal process time for this Nice and Easy hair color is typically 25 minutes, but color resistant gray may need up to 45 minutes.

There's also a drip-free Nice and Easy foam formula. It comes in 23 beautiful shades and absorbs instantly to lock in color. Simply massage into dry hair for easy, one step, over-all color. When applying, shake the bottle just 3 times and hold it upright when squeezing foam onto palm, per instructions. This procedure ensures a thick foam is created. Some users commented the foam sometimes doesn't form, but following the above tips should prevent that. If you'd rather use a cream formula, Clairol Perfect 10 provides similar permanent color with high gloss and 100% gray coverage in just 10 minutes. The kit includes a special PerfectColor Comb bottle top accessory with 14 nozzles that dispense and distribute rich creamy color evenly for flawless results.

Clairol Born Blonde

Clairol has three lightening products that claim to create natural-looking, beautiful blonde hair colors. Regardless of your starting color, even darkest browns and black hair can achieve golden, sun-kissed tresses. These products use a simple, one-step process to lighten hair all-over and leave it soft and silky.

  • If you have light blonde to medium brown hair use Original formula
  • If you have light blonde to dark brown hair use Ultra Blue formula
  • If you have dark blonde to black hair use Maxi formula

User reviews on these Nice N Easy Hair Color products are mixed. Many loved the results, others not so much. You must do a hair strand test to know exactly how much process time is needed to get your desired shade. If you apply a toner after using this product, do a hair strand test on that as well. Different toner brands can create unpredictable results on blonded hair. Take advantage of the excellent hair color information available on the Clairol Inc website. You can also get advice from a Clairol colorist via chat, email or phone.

Clairol Nice and Easy Highlights

Clairol has four different products to create natural-looking highlights on blonde, brown or permed hair. Learn how to highlight hair for subtle or striking effects. Simply apply one of the following products with either a cap & hook or a color brush for your own custom look. These Nice N Easy hair color lighteners generally received positive reviews and provide a lot of flexibility for creative blonde hair color ideas.

1. Frost & Tip for Permed hair for Dark Brown to Light Blonde

2. Frost & Tip Original For Dark Brown to Light Blonde Hair

3. Frost & Tip Crème For Medium Brown to Light Blonde Hair

4. Hairpainting For Medium Brown to Light Blonde Hair

Nice N Easy Hair Color Tips

Highlight All Over: To get a lighter look overall apply thin highlights throughout your hair. Choose the Frost & Tip product best suited to your hair color and use a cap & hook to apply on small strands all around your head.

Highlights Framing Face: To soften solid hairlines and add a warm highlights hair color, simply brush the Hairpainting product on hair surrounding your face, hairline and bangs.

Highlights on Crown: This effect looks best on chin length or shorter styles. Choose the Frost & Tip product best suited to your hair color and use a cap & hook to apply on larger strands at the top of head and along front hairline.

Accent Tips: For a fresh, contemporary look. Simply comb hair into usual style, then apply Hairpainting product onto the last inch of hair strands with a color brush.

Virtual Hair Color

Choosing the best hair color is not easy. To navigate the maze of different products and shades, Clairol developed an online virtual hair color makeover tool. Originally called 'Clairol Try It On Studio' it's now renamed 'Clairol My Shade' and is available on the website. After you answer a series of questions, the tool provides hair color comparison photos and identifies which products will produce the shade you want. The Clairol website is brimming with helpful hair color information and provides access to expert advice via chat, email and phone. Also, you might want to experiment first with one of these popular, semi permanent products before committing to a permanent color.

The first set of questions reviews your hair color history. What kind of treatments have you had and how often? What non-color chemical treatments have you had recently? What's your current hair condition and color? Next, personalize your assessment by either uploading a photo of yourself or choosing a stock model photo. Indicate how many shades lighter or darker you prefer. The online tool returns suggests several shades it considers the best choices for you based on your preferences, eye color and skin tone. You can preview a generated photo of any selected shade and get a list of Clairol products such as Nice N Easy Hair Color that will most likely produce the desired results.

Discontinued Products

Keeping track of discontinued and replacement Clairol products can be challenging. Fortunately, many popular discontinued products like Clairol Hydrience can still be purchased at various retail online vendors. Find out more about user favorites like Clairol Natural Instincts Loving Care and where they can be obtained here.


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               Loving Care Non-Permanent Color

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               Men's Choice

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                Natural Instincts

                Natural Instincts

                Nice N Easy Color Blend

                Natural Instincts for Men

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