Naturtint Hair Color

Naturtint Hair Color products were first manufactured in 1984 by Phergal Laboratories in Spain. Today Naturtint is the leading hair color product in the UK market, as well as being popular throughout Europe. It has also developed a large and loyal customer base in over 30 countries worldwide. If you're looking for a new hair dye that keeps chemicals to a minimum, provides great color and can effectively manage grey hair, check out Naturtint permanent hair colorant products.

Phergal Labs' stated goal is to develop hair color and beauty products that use the least aggressive chemicals and to use them minimally. Instead, Naturtint permanent hair color emphasizes natural plant extracts. Also, its products are produced cruelty-free without animal testing, are dermatologist tested and packaged with environmentally friendly materials. If you have questions about Naturtint Hair Color products, their customer care reps in the United States can be contacted at info@naturtintusa or 1-877-373-6567. I emailed a question to them and received a prompt, friendly response the same day.


Benefits of Naturtint Hair Color

Like similar plant-based permanent hair dye products, Naturtint is free of ammonia, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, heavy metals, formaldehyde derivatives and artificial fragrance. Unlike many other products it is also free of resorcinol and uses a less aggressive chemical in the colorant called oleamine instead. Interestingly, it uses cereal-based derivatives from oat, wheat, corn and soy instead of more conventional vegetable and herbal extracts. It does contain minimal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and PPD.

Naturtint hair coloring claims to provide radiant, vibrant color that lasts for up to five weeks without fading. The colorants' main ingredient is oleamine which the company claims strengthens hairs' lipid coating, resulting in superior color. This hair color covers gray as well. All 28 shades provide 100% grey coverage and UVA/UVB protection. If you're wondering how to choose hair color that's perfect for you, the colors can be custom mixed to create your perfect shade.

User Reviews of Hair Color Product

  • Doesn't irritate skin, very mild
  • No chemical odors or fumes
  • Applying hair color is easy
  • Color sets quickly
  • Conditioner left hair soft, shiny and smooth

Naturtint compares favorably with similar, permanent hair dyes. Click here to review other highly-rated, permanent dye products to choose the best one for you. In addition to the bottle of colorant and cream-based developer, each Naturtint Hair Color kit also includes a package of Nutradeep Multiplier conditioner. This product claims to strengthen hair, reduce breakage, moisturize skin, soothe the scalp and add volume. It received rave reviews from users and is a popular product that can be purchased separately from the hair color kit.

Tips For Coloring Hair With Naturtint

  • Always do a strand test first to get the right color and also determine how much treatment time is needed.
  • Have a timer and old towel available, plus plastic clips to hold hair out of the way as you color sections.
  • Buy a hair color brush and small mixing bowl to make application easier. Only use plastic or glass, never metal.
  • After applying colorant, comb hair with a wide-tooth comb to distribute color evenly.
  • Always use gloves when coloring hair. Even though Naturtint uses mainly plant-based ingredients, it still contains chemicals that can be harmful if absorbed through the skin.
  • Don't change hair color more than two shades lighter or darker at a time. If the final result you want is much lighter or darker than your current color, plan to transition it in stages two shades at a time.
  • If you have had any kind of hair chemical treatment recently, wait at least 14 days before using Naturtint Hair Color.
  • For first time users, select a color that is a shade lighter than what you normally use. Color tends to be darker the first time it's applied.


Another permanent hair color that is similar to Naturtint and  mainly derived from plant sources is Naturcolor. It's ammonia free and uses micronized plant pigments from red sorrel, walnut, sage, burdock, nettle, rosemary, bilberry and other herbal extracts to color hair. However it does contain some traditional dye chemicals like P-Phenylenediamine, P Aminophenol and M-Aminophenol and a 3% peroxide gel developer. This unique formulation provides gentle but effective grey coverage and the ability to lift hair color a few shades if desired.

This product comes in 31 stunning shades and can be purchased at select retail stores or ordered from the parent company Herbaceuticals. Call 1-800-784-8212 to find a retail store near you that sells Naturcolor Hair Color or order it directly. Review the Naturcolor instructions on color application carefully as they contain important information on how to use Naturcolor for best results.

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