Natural Instincts Hair Color

The following refers to the original, semi-permanent Natural Instincts Hair Color product that Clairol discontinued a few years ago. Clairol no longer carries these semi permanent colors in retail stores. Why write about a discontinued hair color product? Just like another discontinued Clairol product, Loving Care Hair Color, the original Natural Instincts products continue to be extremely popular. Brand loyalty runs high. Long time users can still get their perfect golden brown hair color by buying these products from various beauty supply stores and online vendors.

Even though the original Natural Instincts Hair Color isn't available in retail stores anymore, don't give up. It can still be bought at various outlets such as Amazon and Ebay. You can also find Clairol replacements for discontinued hair care products such as  Clairol Loving Care Hair Color. If you can't find your desired shade of Natural Instincts hair dye, many users recommend Garnier Herbashine as a good substitute for the discontinued Clairol semi permanent products. Read candid user reviews about Herbashine here as well as many other products.

Original vs. New Natural Instincts Hair Color

The original Natural Instincts hair coloring product has been replaced by an updated version. The sequel product is now a demi-permanent dye, not semi-permanent, so color should last longer. Also, the updated product is applied to dry hair, not wet. According to many product reviews, quite a few users still prefer the original formula and consider it the best hair color product. But others like the updated product which now includes a packet of color intensifiers to use two weeks after application. It might be worth a try if you want to use a demi-permanent dye when you change hair color next time.

Original Natural Instincts

  • semi-permanent (level 01)
  • apply to damp hair
  • lasts 8-12 shampoos

New Natural Instincts

  • demi-permanent (level 02)
  • apply to dry hair
  • lasts 24-26 shampoos

Users Love the Original

The original Natural Instincts product continues to be popular. Users claim it delivers superior Clairol semi permanent hair color that doesn't fade and leaves hair shiny and healthy looking. Many claim it's the best semipermanent hair color they ever used. It's enriched with antioxidants as well as vitamins C and E. Application is easy and the formula is gentle even on damaged hair. For covering grey hair it works best if you have 50% or less grey hair. It subtly blends grey away instead of completely changing the color. Grey strands become lightly colored translucent highlights and new re-growth is much less noticeable. To cover grey more completely try Clairol's permanent color like Nice and Easy hair dye.

How Long Will It Last?

Since the original Natural Instincts product is a semi-permanent, box instructions claim the color should last for 8-12 shampoos. But that's just a generic rule of thumb subject to individual variation. The truth is both semi-and demi-permanent color will last for different lengths of time depending on factors such as:

  • how often you shampoo
  • what kind of shampoo you use
  • if you use hard or soft water
  • how often you're exposed to chlorine or other hard water minerals

If you haven't used the original Natural Instincts product before don't rely on the shade selector chart on the box. Most reviewers agree that the color always comes out a lot darker than they expect. Play it safe and choose a color at least two shades lighter than what's recommended in the hair coloring kits. Remember, semi-permanents can easily color your hair darker. But if you get a hair color too dark they can't color it lighter. If you have questions about similar replacement products or want to request that the original product be continued again call 1-800-CLAIROL.

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