Natural Hair Coloring Rinses

A natural hair coloring rinse is an easy and inexpensive way to change color. A homemade hair rinse infused with herbal extracts effectively stains hair. Apply the rinse as often as necessary to get the desired result. Your original hair color and the frequency and strength of the staining rinse determines final results. Experiment with custom mixing various herbs to create your own perfect shade. Coloring hair at home has never been easier. And natural hair care with herbs is safe and gentle on all hair types. For a more permanent hair color change, check out popular Herbatint which is also made from plant extracts.

Steps to make most herbal hair color recipes:

  1. Add ½ cup dried herbs to 2 cups hot water. Simmer for twenty minutes in a non-metal pot;
  2. Let mixture set for at least an hour or preferably overnight;
  3. Pour liquid through strainer to remove herbs;
  4. Add 1 TB apple cider vinegar to rinse. This helps release the natural hair dyes;
  5. Place bowl in sink and slowly pour rinse through hair about 15 times, re-using rinse;
  6. Let solution dry on hair. Then gently rinse out until water runs clear.

Hair Rinse

Lighten and Brighten Hair


If your hair color is blonde to light brown, rinses can add yellow highlights to lighten, brighten and bring out your natural blonde hair color. Popular herbs and flowers are chamomile, Calendula (marigold), safflower, oat straw, mullein blossoms, and yellow broom. After rinsing hair with the infusion, let hair dry in sunlight for even more pronounced effects.

Other hair color remedies include rinsing with lemon juice or grapefruit juice. However don't use these on hair that's been chemically treated or exposed to chlorine recently. These citric acid juice rinses are not recommended for dry or damaged hair. Don't use them excessively and apply a moisturizing conditioner right before the final rinse.

Red and Gold Highlights


A natural rinse made with saffron, turmeric, rosehips and red hibiscus will add glowing red and gold highlights. To encourage even more reddish tones in the herbal hair coloring, use red wine instead of water when making the rinse. Or mix ¼ cup powdered rhubarb root with ¼ cup fresh minced rhubarb to impart lovely golden honey tones. For a completely vegan hair color rinse mix ½ cup beet juice with ½ cup carrot juice applied full-strength without adding water. Drying your hair in the sunlight with the rinse still on it brings out the red and gold tones.

Rich Brown Tones


For light to medium brown shades try a hair color rinse infused with tag alder bark. For darker natural hair color shades use black tea or coffee. To make a coffee rinse simply brew 2 cups at triple strength and let set overnight. Apply coffee rinse to hair, let it dry, then rinse gently until water runs clear. Follow the same steps to make a triple strength black tea rinse. Including a TB of green tea leaves in the infusion helps make hair soft and shiny.

Natural Hair Color For Grey

Sage and black tea make an excellent natural hair coloring rinse that subtly turns grey hair progressively darker. It imparts different shades of darker tones so you avoid a solid monotone color that looks unnatural.


To make it brew ½ cup dried sage leaves and four TB black tea in 2 cups of boiling water. When dyeing gray hair that's particularly stubborn, use triple strength coffee instead of water. Let it set overnight, then add a TB of apple cider vinegar to the infusion and rinse hair. Let this solution dry on hair and do not rinse it out.

To accelerate the darkening effects, keep extra rinse in a spray bottle and use it as a grey hair spray. Spritz hair through out the day, especially during the first few weeks in addition to rinsing hair frequently.

Auburn Hair

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