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The first Loreal hair products were developed in 1907 by a young French chemist named Eugene Schueller. His superior hair coloring invention quickly gained popularity among the local hairdressers. At that time Schueller's Loreal Paris hair color product was light years ahead of other coloring methods. From the beginning Schueller emphasized using quality ingredients and encouraging innovation when developing new products.

Since then this giant, global company has expanded from its original Loreal hair products to include cosmetics, beauty products and perfumes. It continues to manufacture popular professional hair color products that are used worldwide. Schueller's legacy of quality and innovation remain the company's guiding principles. Some claim Loreal is simply the best professional hair color brand in the marketplace. It certainly offers an amazing array of great products available in salons or for the home and used  by women and men around the world.

INOA   (Innovation NO Ammonia)

This popular Loreal professional hair care product is available in salons only. It provides an innovative oil-based, ammonia-free and odor-free permanent color. This hair color can lighten up to three levels and cover up to 100% white hair. It's revolutionary Oil Delivery System uses an oil infusion technique to push pigments deep into hair fibers for rich color that resists fading and provides even coverage . It helps hair maximize body and fullness through intensive hydration and nutrients from green tea extract and argan oil.

It claims to increase shine by 50% while maintaining optimal scalp comfort. The product includes a rich developer and coloring cream which combine to create a creamy, consistent coloring agent. This product comes in 90 natural looking colors from the following shade families: Reds, Coppers, Golds, Warm Browns & Blondes, Naturals, Cool Browns & Blondes, Violets, Blues & Greens. Here's a chart of every INOA color and additional product information.


If you're looking for a different hair highlight technique that not only looks stunning but requires less maintenance than traditional highlights, consider balayage. Balayage is a specialized salon color service preferred by many discerning clients. For best results it does require the expertise of a hair colorist. Loreal colorists are trained in the art of balayage highlighting and many Loreal products used in this color service are ammonia free.

The balayage technique involves 'painting' hair strands with blonde and golden shades to create a shimmering, sun-kissed effect with depth and dimension. The word 'balayage' originates from the French word meaning 'to sweep'. A balayage hair service is customized for each individual to uniquely showcase their hair cut and style. You may be tempted to learn how to do balayage yourself, but don't. Creating a beautiful balayage color is a skill best left to a professional hair colorist.


The Homme line of Loreal professional hair care products is formulated specifically for men. Homme offers a variety of Loreal hair products that address thinning, greying or dandruff-prone hair. Cover 5' is a professional hair color available in salons that quickly blends up to 50% gray hair in only 5 minutes. Its natural looking shades discreetly cover over gray without leaving harsh, obvious lines.

Cover 5' is an ammonia-free, no-odor gel that's easy to apply and strengths hair structure. It works well on all shades of hair color and resistant grey by subtly blending in darker, neutral shades that are neither too cool or warm. Color is initially stable for the first few weeks but then slowly fades.


The ombre hair coloring technique combines rich brown shades with lighter ombre highlights to create a sophisticated two-tone look. It works especially well for women with brown hair who want to lighten up their overall color in a new and interesting way. The ombre effect definitely turns heads and makes a bold statement. Loreal hair products include Ombre' Nature which is available in salons. It covers gray while conditioning hair and in the hands of a trained hair colorist creates a stunning look.

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Loreal products and services are available in the finest salons. Use this easy Loreal salon locator to find one near you. In addition to professional Loreal hair products available in salons, find out more about the following popular Loreal hair dye products available for home use. Check here to see if a Loreal hair color coupon is currently available for these retail products.

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