Herbatint Hair Color

Herbatint Hair Color products have always focused on natural ingredients. Generations ago an Italian nobleman and student of nature, Count Livio Della Zuana, experimented with dyes that would color hair. Using only herbal extracts and various plants he painstakingly developed recipes that not only created beautiful hair color but conditioned hair as well. His treasured formulas were passed down through the years in secret, used only by his family members and close friends.

In the 1960's a surviving family trustee, Michael Albergo, partnered with a Swiss herbalist to refine and perfect the Count's original formulas. In 1970 they launched a visionary new product, Herbatint Hair Color, that used plant extracts to color hair and keep it healthy. Long before eco-friendly products had been introduced by other hair color companies, Herbatint pioneered hair products that emphasized natural, gentle ingredients instead of the conventional dye chemicals used at the time.

Today the Herbatint Hair Color company is based in Rome and operates successfully in 28 countries around the world. An original innovator and industry leader in plant based hair dyes, Herbatint continues to develop an expanding line of permanent herbal hair dye products.

Benefits of Herbatint Hair Color

Herbatint permanent herbal haircolor gel is made from natural plant extracts. The main herbal hair color agents are cinchona (red), rhubarb (blonde) and walnut husk (brown). Rosemary, aloe vera, white birch, witch hazel and various other anti-oxidents and essential oils nourish and hydrate hair. These natural nutrients help to keep hair healthy and retain long lasting color. Herbatint doesn't produce irritating chemical fumes and is a good choice of hair dye for sensitive skin. It's products are cruelty-free, unlike some other big brand names. To keep your hair healthy after coloring, ditch the chemical products and treat yourself to a homemade hair mask made from  natural  ingredients

Herbatint natural hair color is free of ammonia, parabens, alcohol and artificial fragrances. Although it does contain 3% peroxide, this amount is less than what many commercial permanent hair dyes use. Herbatint is not an 'all natural' product by any means. It's ingredient list includes phenylenediamines (PPD) and resorcinol. However, the company website states chemicals are used minimally, just enough to make the products effective. A box of Herbatint is economical too. You can mix any amount of hair tint needed for one color treatment, so one box can last for several treatments. Here's how Herbatint products rate on a health safety scale of 0-10, where 10 is best. This data is provided by Goodguide.com which independently researches how consumer products impact our health and environment.

Tips For Best Results

A strand test is highly recommended! The final hair color tends to come out much darker than the box photo or shade description would indicate. Choose a color that is two or more shades lighter than what you would normally use. Call Herbatints' toll-free help line at 1-877-699-4400 for professional, friendly advice from a hair colorist.

Hair color results can vary depending on recent hair treatments and overall hair condition. If your hair has already been color treated, permed or is very dry, it will be more porous. Coloring will 'take' more intensely on porous hair. After any kind of chemical hair treatment wait a week before coloring. Then select a lighter shade and shorten the color treatment time.

Herbatint natural permanent hair dye uses alpha-numeric codes to identify different shade families. You can easily custom blend colors to get the exact shade you want. Hair color can be lightened by up to two shades. One of the more popular products is Herbatint Chamomile Hair Lightener which gradually lightens natural hair color with gentle herbal extracts.

Shade Family

Natural: 1N – 10N

Golden: 4D – 8D

Copper: 4R, 5R, 7R, 8R

Mahogany: 4M, 5M, 7M

Ash: 4C, 7C

What It Does

covers grey hair

adds gold and yellow highlights

adds red, neutralizes ash tones

adds brown, neutralizes ash tones

correctional – blends away red, orange and yellow from previous dyes

Herbatint Hair Color also offers these six exciting modern shades: henna red, crimson red, plum, violet, sand blonde and orange. To keep colored hair looking its best, Herbatint includes a packet of their Royal Cream rinse conditioner with each product. This conditioner provides moisturizing herb extracts, is rich in protein and has a pH suitable for all types of hair. It received great reviews from users and is available for purchase in Herbatints Royal Cream 7 oz bottle.

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