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Henna Hut sells safe, chemical-free henna powders for coloring hair and body art tattoos. People appreciate the benefits of henna more and more as they seek to limit their exposure to chemicals in personal care products. In addition to being a completely safe and natural product, using henna on hair creates a soft, shiny luster that increases over time. It can be used by both men and women on any hair type. Apply it as often as you like since it nourishes and conditions hair while deepening the color. As an added bonus, henna does not contain any of the hair dye chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

Henna is an inexpensive alternative to chemical dyes and provides permanent, natural looking colors. Pure henna powder for hair comes in various shades of brown, red, and orange that can be mixed to make your own custom shade. Although henna can't lighten hair, it can create lovely dark hair color, cover grey and enhance existing color. People who regularly dye hair with henna often comment that it makes their hair feel stronger and softer the more they use it.

Quality Henna Products

Henna Hut offers a variety of products such as hair coloring powders, henna-enriched shampoos, a complete line of henna tattoo supplies and intensive conditioners such as amla and cassia obovata powders. There's a stunning color for everyone with shades ranging between Strawberry Blonde and Burgundy henna. Different shades of brown can be custom made by mixing indigo with various amounts of dark brown henna. If you prefer a classic deep red henna hair dye try their signature Red color. Henna is a great choice for men who want to color facial hair too. Whether it's a beard, mustache or sideburns, henna gently colors hair without irritating sensitive skin. All products are completely free of PPD, alcohol and metallic salts which are often found in compound hennas.

When using henna, quality really makes a difference in how quickly the product works and how well the color develops. Henna Hut goes to great lengths to make sure their henna powders are fresh and carefully packed to protect them from damaging oxygen and ultraviolet light. Their products are triple-sifted and sealed immediately in 2-ply packets to keep them as fresh as the day they were made. For this reason, their powders don't require additions such as lemon juice, tea or coffee to boost their ability to color. You'll also find that fresher, finely sifted powders color hair much more quickly. Your hair treatment should be done in less than an hour. Also, freshly made henna paste does not need to 'set' overnight to encourage the colors to release, as some henna suppliers recommend.

Indigo Dye

Natural indigo is derived from the flowering plant Indigofera. The leaves are dried and ground into a green powder that looks similar to henna. Indigo is used to color hair black and shades of dark brown. So called black henna powder does not exist in the natural world. Indigo is needed to create a natural black dye. You may come across products called henna indigo. Typically these are powder mixtures that combine brown henna with indigo to create colors like henna mahogany and other dark brown shades.

Here's a black henna warning for consumers. Before buying any product marketed as 'black henna' first make sure it does not contain potentially harmful chemicals such as PPD or metallic salts. Some manufacturers simply add PPD to henna powder to create a black dye. PPD is definitely not natural and can cause allergic reactions as well as damage the skin if left on too long. Reputable companies selling henna products should list every specific ingredient, especially the products that color hair black. Henna Hut sells only pure, chemical-free natural indigo for black hair color as well as indigo mixed with natural brown hennas to achieve a variety of darker shades.

Free Henna Designs

In addition to the many coloring products available, you can also access beautiful body art tattoo designs. Dozens of intricate, floral mehndi henna designs are available to use free of charge. Browse through an amazing variety of henna designs for hands as well as awesome henna designs for feet too. Make your own inexpensive stencil simply by printing a design and tracing it onto carbon paper with a pencil. You're sure to find a pattern you like or want to embellish. Above all, henna is meant to be enjoyed so don't hesitate to get creative and come up with your own unique artwork.

To bring out a beautiful deep red-orange tattoo stain, Henna Hut recommends adding a little of their proprietary oil blend called Shelly oil to the henna powder. Just adding a touch of this special fluid to henna powder helps bring out rich, red colors. Not only will the color be brilliant but the stain will be more resilient as well. Just 45 minutes of processing will provide durable designs that should last for up to three weeks.

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