Henna Hair Dye

Using henna hair dye can be messy and time-consuming. Learning how to work with henna requires planning, preparation and lots of patience. But with practice the process becomes easier and well worth the stunning results. Learn how to dye hair the easy way and get beautiful, natural color without the chemicals. For best results use high quality, safe henna powders such as those sold by this company and other reputable brands.

Henna Coloring Preparation

Bowl and spoon

Shower cap

Plastic wrap


Lotion or cream

Old towel and t-shirt

Henna powder and water

Always use a plastic or glass henna mixing bowl and a wood or plastic spoon or stick for mixing henna. Never let the henna hair dye come into contact with metal because it will react chemically with it and may cause hair to get greenish tints.

How to Make Henna Paste

1. Pour henna in a bowl and slowly add water. Avoid a watery henna paste which will be very messy. Mix until paste has a creamy yogurt-like texture. This should be a ratio of roughly 1 cup henna to ½ cup water. About two cups of henna will cover shoulder-length hair so adjust amount as needed.

2. Henna paste for hair has a distinctive grassy fragrance which wears off in a few days. To impart your own spicy fragrance instead, add a teaspoon of allspice or nutmeg to the henna before mixing. Or add a teaspoon of your own favorite essential oil to the paste.

3. Don't forget to do a strand test first to get a preview of expected color results. Leave henna paste on strand for 30-minute increments, increasing total time as needed.

4. While waiting for strand test do a skin test to check for a possible henna allergy. Dab a little paste on forearm and wait an hour to check for adverse reactions.

5. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let paste cure for at least an hour. The longer it cures the more intense the resulting color. Some people let it set overnight.

6. Wet hair and towel dry until just damp. Put on an old t-shirt and lay towel on floor. Rub lotion along hairline, ears and nape to prevent skin from staining. To apply henna paste easier transfer it to a plastic hair color applicator bottle.

7. For extra conditioning, mix an egg or ¼ cup yogurt into the paste before putting on hair. Put gloves on and apply paste onto a section of hair from roots to tips. Continue adding a thick layer to all sections until hair is completely covered. Finish by dabbing paste around hairline.

8. Wrap plastic around hair several times, then cover head with a shower cap. This prevents paste from drying and also raises temperature so dye releases better. Leave paste on for at least 1 hour. Experiment a bit to find just the right amount of time you need to get the shade you want. The longer it stays on, the stronger the final color. Some people leave it on overnight.

9. Rinse with warm water thoroughly in shower or bathtub. Use a little shampoo and conditioner if needed to completely remove paste.

Henna Hair Dye Results

Henna Redhea

Sometimes the results might not turn out they way you wanted. Maybe that rich red henna hair dye came out a little too bright and red. Don't worry. During the first 48 hours after application the natural henna color usually oxidizes into deeper shades as the dye 'settles in'. Also shampooing your hair frequently right afterward will tone down the color and help it fade faster.

Learning how to henna hair is a bit of an art form. The more you practice applying henna hair color the easier it gets. You'll discover your own short cuts and custom henna recipes with extra conditioning agents to make results even better. Yes, henna hair dye involves more time and effort but the stunning colors and shine you'll get are definitely worth it. Also, rest easy knowing it's 100% natural and won't harm you or the environment.


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