Hair Dye Remover Products

A hair dye remover can really save the day when hair color misfortune strikes. To fix these hair disasters most products use a weak peroxide solution or similar bleaching agent to remove the color. It's important to follow each products' specific instructions and timing guidelines. Be sure to use a rich conditioner afterward for optimal results since these products can leave hair stressed and dried.

Removing black hair dye is notoriously difficult because it saturates so deeply. It's critical to remove it as quickly as possible, ideally within a day or two. Products used for black hair dye removal may need to be re-applied several times to get the best results. To get help with hair color problems fast, check out these three effective products below. If you require an extreme hair color fix, here's a customer favorite that comes in extra strength to handle even the most difficult hair color repair.

Effective Hair Dye Removers

Color Fix

A popular hair dye remover is Color Fix by Jheri Redding. It completely removes permanent, oxidative hair dye. This product will only partially remove semi permanent hair color since semi permanent contains both oxidative and direct dyes. Users comment it will remove black hair color effectively if applied correctly. This hair dye remover has a foamy texture and spreads easily over hair for even saturation. It can be used for either a full color correction or just a partial correction to specific areas. Apply product 1-3 times as needed in a single session until the desired shade is achieved.

To maximize its' effectiveness follow up with a low pH conditioner. Remove any lingering strong odor in hair by applying a baking soda and water paste in hair for several minutes after the final shampoo. If you have dye build up from multiple color treatments, saturate hair ends first then gradually work up towards roots. Depending on your hair's condition and dye history, the immediate color results may look uneven. Users report this hair color problem usually disappears as the dye 'settles in' after a day or so and the color evens out.


This Loreal hair color remover is strong and fast-acting. Its' bleaching action is very effective so watch the time carefully and don't skip the strand test. Avoid getting this product on natural colored roots or you may end up with a band of lighter hair on top.

Overall, the product reviews were positive. Many users recommended buying more than one box for a treatment. Hair must be fully saturated with the product to get an even, consistent color removal. Two boxes should fully cover shoulder length hair. Compared to other hair color removal products, Colorzap tends to be watery, so apply carefully. Follow directions exactly to effectively remove any color dye, even black. Be prepared to re-color your hair since results may turn out lighter than expected. Use a deep conditioning treatment then wait a few days before re-coloring hair so it can recover first.


This hair dye remover by Loreal comes in a packet of powder that provides one application. It can lift one to several levels of tint depending on the strength prepared and how long left on. Using a non-metallic bowl or plastic bottle, mix the powder with either warm water or 20 Volume creme developer. Apply mixture to dry hair and leave on for 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the results you want. This product removes artificial dye only and will not change or lighten natural hair color.

Helpful Loreal hair color remover tips are to apply product to the darkest areas first and avoiding untinted new growth. Effasol is a gentle alternative to bleach and great for hair fixes that require removing dark dye. It has a foamy texture that covers hair easily and washes away unwanted dye, leaving hair conditioned and ready for re-coloring.

User reviews are overall positive and confirm the product works as expected if directions are followed. Several commented it works especially well on reducing red tones. Others mentioned the odor was not as bad as other products they had used.

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