Hair Color Tips


One of the best hair color tips is to use the right shampoo to keep hair healthy and prevent color fading. If you have sensitive skin find a brand that doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which can irritate skin. An SLS free shampoo doesn't have foaming agents that can build up hair residue which blocks color adhesion. One of the best tips for washing hair is to use color treated hair products. These are made specifically for colored hair so shampoos don't have abrasive ingredients that can strip color. Some products also contain UV protectors to prevent brassy tones from developing.

Shampoo at least one day before coloring. This allows enough time for natural oils to develop which protect the scalp and hair from chemicals. Oils keep hair soft and moisturized which provides a strong base for color to adhere to better.


Chemicals used in coloring can make hair dry and brittle. Over time some chemicals can dry hair out so severely that texture degrades and hair becomes porous. Dry, porous hair is prone to color fading. Conditioning your hair regularly will help keep it soft so color molecules can penetrate hair more easily. Treat yourself to an intensive moisturizing conditioner a week or so before coloring hair to get best results. One of the best deep conditioner products you can use is a hair oil treatment.

Keep your tresses silky soft with this jojoba oil hair treatment which you can easily make at home.

  1. Mash one large ripe banana thoroughly
  2. Mix in 2 Tablespoons of jojoba oil (can use almond or olive oil)
  3. Coat hair thoroughly with mixture and cover with plastic cap
  4. Leave on hair at least ½ hour, then shampoo

An important hair color tip is to continue conditioning with your favorite dry hair home remedies once a week. Stay away from cheap conditioners that can be abrasive and strip color from hair. If you don't want to use a home made hair conditioner, check salons to find out when they have their annual clearance or seasonal sales. This is a great way to stock up on quality products at bargain prices.


Another hair color tip is to rinse hair with cool to cold water after using shampoo and conditioner. This will close hair cuticles, effectively sealing them and locking in hair color. Your locks will look glossy because the hair shafts now have a smooth, sleek surface.

Learn how to get shiny hair with simple but effective rinses you can make at home. An apple cider vinegar hair rinse has many benefits but is not recommended for color-treated hair. Vinegar contains acetic acid which strips color from hair.

Instead try a gentle beer hair rinse. The malt and hops contain proteins which repair damage from excessive sun, chlorine and chemical residue. Beer also contains sugar which tightens up the cuticles to make hair soft and shiny. Any brand will do but make sure the beer has gone flat first. Simply pour it over freshly shampooed hair and massage in thoroughly. Let it absorb for a few minutes, then rinse.

After rinsing, don't wrap your wet hair in a big fluffy towel to dry it. The rough cotton texture rubs against the cuticles, causing them to open up which creates frizzy hair. Instead, air dry your hair for about 15 minutes first, then blow dry if needed.

Coloring Hair

A very helpful hair color tip is to always do a strand test. To discover exactly how many minutes are needed to create that perfect shade, try several strand tests using different process times. Dry the hair strand with a blower to check how the color looks under different artificial and natural lighting. It's always better to get color right the first time, rather than try to fix it later.

Here's some easy but effective at home hair color tips. Buy an extra bottle of dye slightly lighter than your main color. Use it to paint hair strands around your hairline with a small brush for a subtle but sophisticated layered look.

When coloring roots, protect hair ends from chemical exposure which can make them dry and brittle. One of the most effective home hair coloring tips is to simply cover hair ends with conditioner while coloring roots. Towards the end of treatment time, gently work color from roots down through hair ends for just a few minutes. This hair color tip will add just enough color to refresh hair ends without exposing them to excessive chemicals.

Hair Color Tips For Hennaed Hair

If you've recently used a compound henna or any product containing metallic salts, don't color your hair with a commercial dye. The chemical reaction between a commercial dye and residual metallic salts could damage your hair. See a professional colorist who will neutralize the chemicals in your hair first and then re-color it safely. Always use the best quality henna products to protect your hair and health. Find out more about versatile henna that not only colors hair but stains lips and creates stunning body art as well.

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