Hair Color Rinse

A hair color rinse contains pigments that temporarily stain the outer hair shafts with non-penetrating dye. Rinses are gentle on hair and provide subtle temporary hair color change. Because they don't contain ammonia or peroxide, they can be re-applied as often as necessary to get the desired result. Their color usually lasts for about four to six shampoos. They are a great way to try out a cute hair color idea without committing to permanent dye.

Rinses are especially effective when used between regular full color treatments. They restore and refresh faded color without subjecting hair to harsh chemicals. When used on healthy and conditioned hair, rinses balance out uneven shades and tone down brassy hair color. Of all the hair color options available to you, color rinses are one of the easiest to use. They don't require any mixing or activator and are ready to use immediately. In addition to commercial rinses, check out natural, temporary hair colors made from herbal extracts.

Advantages of a Hair Color Rinse

  • Ready to use, no mixing, no waiting

  • Inexpensive, about $5 a bottle or $10- $20 for salon application

  • Gentle on hair, no peroxide or ammonia

  • Revives hair color between full color treatments

Roux Rinses

One of the most popular temporary hair color brands is Roux Fanci-full by Revlon. Their rinses contain both conditioners and a styling lotion so you can color and style in one step. Roux Fanci-full temporary color rinse products help remove brassy tones from hair while blending gray away. Using these rinses is an easy way to keep roots at bay between full color treatments. 

The Roux Fanci full brand offers other products in addition to rinses to help with hair color touch-up needs. Their Roux Fanciful mousse comes in a no-drip foam formula that contains texturizers to add volume and fullness. Use it for enhanced style control  and a rich lustrous finish. For convenient color touch-up on the go, Roux Tween Time is a popular hair crayon you can carry in purse or pocket. It instantly covers grey regrowth as needed and provides a quick fix between regular color treatments.

Tips for Color Rinses

Hair color rinses work best when used to enhance your natural hair color or when you want a darker hair tint. They're not recommended for lightening hair. If you already have very dark or black hair a rinse can provide subtle overtones for depth. If you're looking for a more dramatic hair color change, check out these fun and funky temporary hair colors for kids and adults.


If you have recently colored or bleached your hair, wait a few weeks before using a dye rinse. Hair that has been treated with chemicals may absorb the hair stain unevenly. The color coating may be thin or uneven in places and create a streaked or blotched look. When your hair is healthy, strong and conditioned, you'll get superior results from hair rinses.

If you have light colored hair, choose a darker shade carefully. Darker shades will color lighter hair more deeply and intensely. Luckily, if the result is too dark you can always lighten it quickly by shampooing hair several times to remove the temporary stain. Or if that interesting eggplant hair color didn't turn out quite right, using a dandruff shampoo repeatedly should remove most of it quickly.

Using Rinses on Grey Hair

A temporary color rinse works especially well on grey hair. The less grey hair you have the more easily it will blend in with your natural hair color. Rinses subtly cover the grey with a translucent stain and add warmth and highlights to liven up your look. The results from rinses are gradual, not dramatic, so they look more natural.

If you have very light grey hair or white hair, be careful to choose a complimentary rinse color. Usually rinse colors that are just slightly darker than your hair color will be most flattering. If you have grey with yellowish tinges, a hair color rinse just a few shades darker will cover the yellow most naturally.


How to Apply a Hair Color Rinse

To be on the safe side, wear rubber gloves from the time a hair color rinse is applied until hair has completely dried. Otherwise you'll end up with stained fingers. Begin by washing hair with a mild shampoo and towel dry. Apply rinse slowly to hair, working it in with fingers from roots to tips. Then use a fine-toothed comb to distribute it evenly through every hair strand. Don't rinse it out. Dry hair as usual to let the color set.

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