Hair Color For Men

The best hair color for men is one that creates a natural look. Whether you need to apply some color for gray hair or just want a new color, there are plenty of products available. And finding effective products for hair color men can apply quickly and conveniently at home has never been easier. The trick is determining which product among the many to choose from is best for you.

What Method Should You Use?

If you've never colored hair before a good choice is a demi or semi-permanent hair color. These products use less ammonia and peroxide than permanent dyes. They can dye hair darker, not lighter, and grey hair tends to blend in. New hair growth is less noticeable and grey hairs can look like highlights. Semi permanent colors fade after 6-12 shampoos, so you can experiment with different looks first. If you decide grey hair with black highlights looks great you can always switch to permanent dye later. A popular semi-permanent product to consider is Clairol Natural Instincts For Men.

If you've decided on a color you like and your hair is 30% or more grey, it's best to use a permanent hair dye. Gray hair in men tends to resist coloring because it has a thicker outer hair shaft (cuticle). Successful hair treatment for men sometimes requires more ammonia and peroxide typically found in permanent dyes. This enables dyes to penetrate the cuticle layer better and color hair more effectively. Sometimes a peroxide pre-treatment is recommended to soften and lift cuticles first before dyeing hair.

How To Choose The Best Shade

Hair color for men comes in a variety of shades. Choose a shade that's close to your normal hair color. You want your skin tone and eye color to complement your new hair color, not contrast unnaturally with it. A rule of thumb is to stay within two shades of your normal color. If your goal is to cover grey, select darker shades instead of lighter because they'll hide the grey better.

If you have 90% or more gray hair that has little color variation, dying it can create a flat, one-dimensional look. Normally hair strands have lots of color variation. When dye eliminates the variation, hair can look brassy and unnatural. To counteract this effect, add highlights or use a color rinse with a slightly different shade to provide natural looking depth and variation. Another popular product for a more natural looking hair color is progressive hair dye which slowly darkens hair over several weeks.

You may want to consider just coloring your hair a more interesting shade of grey. Some grey is just plain drab and lackluster. Instead of opting for a whole new color, maybe all you need is a new shade of grey. Check out different shades that can to enliven your look with highlights and depth. Turn dull, boring grey into a vibrant, stylish hair color for men with sophistication. As an added benefit unsightly re-growth won't be a problem.

Hair Color For Men Tips

Hair coloring for men is extra challenging because outer hair shafts are tough, wiry and resistant to dye. Follow these simple hair color for men tips to help get rid of grey easier and keep the color longer.

  • Use a conditioner formulated especially for color-treated hair. It softens the cuticle which allows dye to penetrate more easily, and also improves hair texture.
  • To dye gray hair effectively apply hair color to the most gray areas first and wait 10-15 minutes before continuing. This provides enough time for dye to penetrate the gray hair shafts, and creates a more natural looking variation in color.
  • Hair roots are most dye-resistant while hair ends are porous and accept dye quickly. Apply hair color  products to roots first and hair ends last.
  • Hair color fades faster when exposed to sunlight, hot water, dandruff shampoos and chlorinated water. Consider purchasing a shower head filter that removes chlorine and other hard water minerals. Soft water makes your hair feel silkier without the mineral buildup and the color will last longer.

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