Demi Permanent Hair Color

Colorists refer to demi permanent hair color as a 'Level 2' coloring product. It lasts longer than semi permanents and is not as harsh on hair as many permanent dyes. By combining the advantages of both these types of hair coloring, demi  hair color is becoming increasingly popular. The general differences in various hair color levels are summarized below, although there are always exceptions with some products.

Level 1 - Semi Permanent

  • lasts about 8-12 shampoos
  • cannot lighten hair color
  • contains no peroxide
  • contains no ammonia

Level 2 - Demi Permanent

  • lasts about 24-26 shampoos
  • cannot lighten hair color
  • contains low volumes of peroxide
  • contains no ammonia but small amount of alkaline agent

Level 3 - Permanent

  • lasts permanently with slight fading
  • can lighten hair color
  • contains higher volumes of peroxide
  • contains ammonia or ammonia substitute alkaline agent

How Does It Work?

Demi permanent dye is referred to as a 'deposit only' color. This is because it doesn't change the natural pigmentation currently inside the hair cortex. It simply deposits additional color to it. This is why demi permanent dyes work exceptionally well when you want to enhance existing hair color. They can refresh slightly faded hair with similar color while adding vibrancy and shine.

Hair color from demi permanent dyes last substantially longer than semi permanents. This is because their low amounts of peroxide slightly lift the hair cuticle, allowing color to penetrate the cortex. Inside the cortex, hair color combines with larger pigment molecules which take much longer to wash out. So hair color doesn't fade as fast and you won't need color treatments as often.


Advantages of Demi Permanent Color

  • fades gradually so regrowth lines are less noticeable
  • intensifies and enhances existing color, whether natural or dyed
  • lasts longer than semi-permanent and less harsh than permanent
  • blends grey with a natural highlighting effect
  • prevents demi permanent color build up by using less often
  • perfect choice to cover up to 25% grey hair
  • 'deposit only' hair color adds volume, strength and shine
  • gentle on damaged or over-processed hair
  • great for changing to darker color or covering over highlights

Popular Demi Permanent Hair Color Products

The following brands are popular demi-permanent products to consider. Check out their pros and cons from user reviews to find the best product for you. Here's a great website for hair color product reviews called It provides reviews not only on hair color products but on many other beauty products as well.

Goldwell Colorance

A popular demi permanent hair color product is Goldwell Colorance. It's excellent for enhancing natural color and creating exciting, new fashion shades without committing to permanent dye. This Goldwell product comes in a pH balanced formula with patented IntraLipid technology that improves hair structure by replacing damaged lipids. The following three product lines provide these specific hair color services:

  • 'Colorance' refreshes natural and colored hair in a new, creamy formula for easy application.
  • 'Colorance Cover Plus' revitalizes hair while covering up to 75% gray. It can also be used to correct over-highlighted hair or create contrasting lowlights.
  • 'Colorance Express Toning' gently tones blonde shades in just 5 minutes while adding shine and condition. Available in 6 intermixable, elegant colors such as champagne, silver and crème.

Here's some great information on the benefits of Goldwell Colorance hair color. To find a Goldwell hair color chart, look for Pinterest photos in your search engine. After finding your perfect Goldwell hair color you may want to transition from demi-perm to permanent. If so, Goldwell Elumen is highly rated by users and offers similar sophisticated and elegant shades. Click here to learn more about other popular brands of permanent hair coloring products.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

Clairols demi permanent hair color includes their regular Natural Instincts, Natural Instincts Brass Free and Natural Instincts Creme. To address hair color fading their hair coloring kit includes a sachet of a Natural Instincts Week 2 Color Refresher. This is a conditioning cream and semi-permanent toner that replenishes the color shades that usually start fading first.

Wella Hair Color Charm

This Wella professional salon product can be purchased for home use. It contains no ammonia, color is long lasting and it dyes hair in under 20 minutes. It comes in 67 shades and has a new floral fragrance that users like a lot.

Schwarzkopf IGORA Viviance

Mixing hair color has never been so rewarding. Viviance offers 40 stunning shades that can be custom mixed to create your perfect color. Choose between two strengths of hair color developer, either 1.9% or 4%. High performance color pigments deliver incredible color intensity and helps you get shiny hair too.

Two More Demi Permanent Hair Color Brands

Matrix Color Sync is a quality demi permanent hair color that provides a variety of color services such as grey coverage, color balancing, glossing, color correction, toning and lowlights. Its unique Cera-Oil Conditioning Complex re-balances porous hair so pigments deposit evenly for seamless, long-lasting color.

Paul Mitchell hair products are famous for cutting edge technology and quality results. One of the most popular Paul Mitchell hair care products is called PM Shines. This translucent and hydrating demi permanent hair color contains soy proteins to replenish amino acids, strengthen hair and improve texture. With 27 intermixable colors you have an endless palette to create your own custom look. Here's a Paul Mitchell hair color chart for PM Shines.

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