Crazy Hair Color

Do you crave a little crazy hair color now and then...or maybe all the time? It's a spectacular way to express yourself and make a bold statement. Some people like to show off their colorful looks every day. Others just want a short fling for a special event or to get their Halloween hair color on. Whether you choose an impressive rainbow hair color creation ready for the fashion runway or just simple pastel pink hair, there's a variety of products available. The following popular semi-permanent brands are easy to use and versatile enough to create any look you can come up with.

To inspire your creativity here's some colors from the Fudge Paintbox hair dye chart, Jerome Russell Punky Colour chart and Manic Panic color chart. Sometimes you might just want to experiment first. Click here for wild shades of temporary hair color spray that you can shampoo out immediately.

Popular Crazy Hair Color Products

Manic Panic

This cutting edge crazy hair color product has been around since 1977. It offers vibrant and intense special color effects in both temporary and semi-permanent formulas. Their classic Manic Panic semi-permanent color cream is called High Voltage and comes in over 30 electrifying shades. With color names like Atomic Turquoise, Mystic Heather and Rock N Roll Red it's sure to get your creative juices flowing.

A stronger cream formula called Amplified is also available. It's similar to High Voltage but lasts 30% longer. If you'd rather not commit to color at all, then Manic Panic Dyehard Temporary Hair Color gel is for you. It shampoos right out and you'll be back to normal in no time. If you ever wanted completely white hair check out Manic Panic Virgin Snow. This white toner removes any residual yellow and red tones left after bleaching hair. Simply apply to hair that's been pre-bleached to its lightest shade and your hair will now become as white as snow.

Tips For Best Results

  • For pure, intense color apply to pre-lightened or naturally light hair

  • Rinse product out with cool to cold water, always rinsing away from face
  • Do the strand and skin test before using product 
  • Apply vaseline or thick cream around hairline to prevent staining your skin


Fudge Hair Dye products include the popular Fudge Paintbox. The Paintbox has a crazy hair color palette of 15 semi-permanent colors that can be mixed for a custom look. Both ammonia and peroxide-free, these colors last between 3 to 30 washes depending on initial hair condition and specific application method used. Fudge hair color results using the Paintbox will be brightest when applied to pre-lightened or naturally light hair. Otherwise, expect to see a more subtle tint or color gloss on darker hair. This product will tint and gloss grey hair too. Processing time is 15 to 30 minutes depending on how intense you want results to be. Covering your hair with a plastic cap or saran wrap will develop color even more.


Ion Color Brilliance has developed a line of bold, high fashion shades called Brights. This semi-permanent product can be applied to pre-lightened, colored or natural hair and creates beautiful colors in just 20 to 40 minutes. Stylish shades such as Rose, Azure and Teal look more subdued compared to the crazy hair color palettes of other brands. For best results, after rinsing product out follow up with Ion's After Color Treatment to close cuticles and lock color in. Keep in mind that initial hair color and condition affects color results. Underlying orange, yellow or red pigments can influence the final shade.

To develop the most intense color:

  • use product on pre-lightened or naturally light hair
  • wear a heated cap during processing
  • increase process time, checking results every 5 minute

If you like pretty pastel shades, try Ion's Clear Shade Diluter. Simply add 2 oz to ¼ oz of any Ion Color Brilliance Brights color and process as usual. Clear Shade Diluter creates a soft, subtle shade of any color you choose. It's a great way to layer colors and create other special effects with crazy hair color. Try a flirtatious hint of pastel pink hair dye to catch someone's eye. Here's some helpful info on Ion Brilliance Brights, a color chart and application tips.


Adore Hair Dye is best known for their popular 'Adore Plus' and 'Adore Permanent' products. Now they offer high fashion hair color too with a new product called simply 'Adore'. This innovative product blends natural ingredients to nourish and protect hair while providing intense, semi-permanent color. It's free of ammonia, peroxide and alcohol. Penetrating conditioners moisturize hair to keep it healthy and promote superior color adhesion. Natural proteins help repair cuticles and restore healthy shine. Adore semi permanent hair color comes in 40 crazy hair color shades that span the color spectrum in crimson, pink, orange, blue and purple.

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