Cool Hair Colors

If you're feeling adventurous and want to try some cool hair colors there's many options available. Just about any color combination is possible. The first step is deciding what look you'd like to project. Alternative temporary color isn't just punky hot pink and electric blue. It can also be delicate, understated pastel shades or sophisticated, distinctive emo accents.

Whether you're looking for soft and subtle pastels or wild and funky punk hair color, temporary hair dyes are the best way to try out a new look before committing. Find out more about the most popular brands to decide which is best for you. Also check out creating your own unique, custom shades by mixing safe, natural henna powders.


Pastel Hair Color

Pastel colors are gentle shades like lavender, baby pink and mint green. These cool hair colors show up best against light or white hair. So unless you have naturally light colored hair, the first step will be to bleach it. Follow up with a white toner to neutralize any residual yellow tones. Pastels are versatile and can create effects from subtle to stunning. Put them underneath top hair layers for a flirtatious, peek-a-boo look. Or go audacious with a full color change and add some bold, contrasting accents.

If the base color is not light to white, the pastel shades will interact with it to create different, unpredictable colors. For example, pink dye on hair with yellow undertones often results in peach shades. If the base hair color is dark brown or black you may only see hints of pastel highlights against it. If you're a dark haired raven that craves some light lavender locks it might be easier to add some colored hair extensions. Here are some photos of pastel hair color creations using cool hair colors to inspire you.

Kool Aid Hair Color

Are you looking for a cheap hair dye and bright rainbow hair colors? Kool aid not only makes a tasty drink but is a very effective hair dye too. Choose from fruity colors like cherry red, grape purple and lime green. Kool Aid hair dye temporarily tints the exterior hair shaft and usually washes out after a few shampoos.

Colors will be more vibrant on bleached and light colored hair. Dry, porous hair absorbs and retains these unnatural hair colors longer. Results can be unpredictable and influenced by factors such as base color, hair condition and residues from recent hair color treatments. Get familiar with the color wheel. Blue dye on red hair can create purple shades, while blue on blonde hair often turns green.

Tips For Best Results

  • Take time to do a hair strand test. Results from kool aid dye are unpredictable. You don't want any unwelcome surprises.
  • Use only un-sweetened kool aid and don't add sugar. Sweetened kool aid can irritate skin and create a sugary syrup that interferes with color adhesion.
  • For medium length hair pour 3 packs of unsweetened kool aid into a bowl. Add just enough water and a few drops of conditioner to make a paste. The conditioner creates a smoother paste so it spreads more evenly over hair.
  • Wear gloves and apply vaseline around hairline to prevent skin stains. Work paste throughout dry hair but don't rub into scalp. Cover hair with plastic wrap.
  • Leave paste on hair for 2-8 hours, depending on what shade you want. Final results will be more intense the longer it's left on.

Emo Hair Color

This distinctive hair color fashion differs from others in several ways. Smaller sections of hair are typically dyed against natural hair color. Emo hair colors are usually not bright, primary colors. Typically only one or two shades are used rather than multiple colors. A classic hair color emo look is black hair with soft purple hair color streaks framing the face.


A darker base color is best for maximum contrast. Though not necessary,the base hair color may be dyed darker first. Deep reds, mahogany and black will show off the contrasting cool hair highlight better. Emo color accents are often placed specifically to complement the hair cut. For example, touches of bold color on bangs, hair ends, or a section of layered hair showcase the haircut lines. These elegant, cool hair colors create a unique, sophisticated look.

Popular Cool Hair Colors

There are many brands to choose from when you're in the market for some cool hair colors. Manic Panic Hair Color has a temporary color product called Dyehard. It's a thick styling gel that can be used for coloring as well as styling. The gel dries hard to hold hair in any shape. It washes off instantly with one shampoo so is ideal for special events or experiments. I found the most helpful manic panic hair dye reviews for Dyehard on Amazon.

Splat Hair Color offers a product called Washables that comes in four cool hair colors: Electric Blue, Hot4Pink, Purple Swag and Totally Red. Color comes off in one shampoo for most people, unless hair has been bleached. Apply it to dry hair with the included applicator brush. For longer lasting results add clear hair spray after color has dried.

Some demi-permanent dye products provide color that lasts 3-6 weeks. Raw Hair Color offers some eye-popping cool hair colors like Twisted Teal and Fuchsia Fatale. It's sold as a pre-mixed liquid ready for some creative painted hair or dip dye hair ideas. Chromashine by Chi Hair Color received great reviews. It conditions hair and imparts a gloss shine finish. On top of that it's ammonia and peroxide free. This popular product is only sold by authorized distributors. To guarantee you're using an authentic product check here to find local authorized distributors in your area.

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