Coloring Gray Hair

Coloring gray hair is more challenging than coloring natural hair color. Naturally colored hair contains pigment cells which produce melanin. The unique color of every hair comes from its' melanin content. As we grow older less and less melanin is produced. As hair progressively loses more melanin it slowly turns gray. Completely gray hair has no melanin at all and is colorless.

As hair loses color, its' texture often begins to feel more coarse and wiry. This is because the outer hair shaft (cuticle) now grows thicker and tougher to compensate for the loss of melanin in the inner hair shaft (cortex). As melanin production decreases the amino acids in the outer hair shaft now increase their production. This process builds up the outer hair cuticle. A harder, thicker cuticle is more difficult for dyes to penetrate and coloring gray hair becomes harder.

Coloring Gray Hair

Instead of coloring your hair, another popular option is natural hair color restoration. This grey hair remedy works by reinvigorating hair follicles with powerful, natural nutrients. Healthy, functioning follicles can then produce the melanin needed to create hair color. Learn more about which foods and supplements contain the most nutrients to boost melanin production. Another option is to use an over-the-counter color restoration product. These products contain a mix of ingredients that clinical studies indicate may increase melanin production. Find out more about one of the most popular hair color restoration products on the market today.

Tips For Coloring Gray Hair

Learning how to cover gray hair to get best results is easy. Select shades that contain warm color bases such as red, orange and yellow. These tones usually have names like caramel, honey, golden and auburn. Avoid ash-based colors when coloring gray hair which tend to give it a dreary, washed out look.

When selecting a color to cover gray, choose one that's 1 or 2 shades lighter than your normal hair color. If you have salt-and-pepper hair a lighter color can turn gray hairs into attractive highlights. Gray hair with highlights blends in better with overall hair color and produces a more natural look.

Natural looking hair for men is especially important. There should be enough shade variation to avoid a one dimensional effect. Coloring gray hair with just a single solid block of color can look artificial. Men with gray hair who also have a beard or mustache should make sure all colors blend together. Discover the best products and techniques men can use to get great looking natural color. To change gray hair color gradually over several weeks, get tips here on how to use progressive hair dyes.

After getting your perfect color for grey hair, follow up with these tips for grey hair maintenance to keep it from fading. Use pigmented shampoos between hair color treatments to keep color fresh and vibrant. Follow with a moisturizing conditioner to soften and improve gray hair texture. The best hair rinse for grey hair is cool water which will lock in color by sealing the hair shaft's outer layer. Avoid excessive heat from blow dryers and flat irons which can damage hair.

Yellow Gray Hair?

Sometimes gray hair can get yellow tints in it. The yellowish tinge is caused by environmental factors such as hair products, chlorinated water, hard water minerals and even medications. These all leave deposits on the outer hair shaft which stain it yellow. Normally the yellow hue is masked by natural hair pigments. But since gray hair has no pigmentation the yellow stain shines through the translucent gray hair.

Yellow Streaks in Gray

To remove yellow residue use a clarifying shampoo. They're especially formulated to remove debris buildup. Next, mix a small amount of purple-tinted shampoo with your regular shampoo. Since complimentary colors neutralize their opposites, the purplish shade cancels out the yellow tint. For on-going maintenance to prevent further yellow buildup, use a shampoo specifically formulated for gray hair. It contains a purple tint hair color additive to tone down any yellow residue accumulated between shampoos. Here's an excellent article with more tips on how to turn dull, discolored gray hair into stunning, shiny locks.

Silver Foxes

Foxy Lady

Instead of coloring gray hair, maybe you're ready to show off your fabulous silver locks. Growing out grey hair frees you from the time and expense of hair color maintenance. It lets you create your own stunning silver fox look. Embrace the change and see how beautiful gray hair can be.

Follow these tips for foxy locks. Get a quality hair cut that shows off your healthy, shiny grey hair. The best hairstyles for gray hair are trendy, modern and chic. You don't want to sabotage your new signature look by sporting an old-fashioned hairstyle. Coloring gray hair with an even lighter gray shade can brighten up your look. Add some silvery highlights around the hairline to soften your face.

Be aware of makeup and wardrobe colors. Green can cast a greenish tinge across gray hair in the sunlight. Ivory can make gray look drab and washed-out. The best contrasting colors are intense, jewel-like tones such as royal blue, purple, ruby, sapphire and violet. Basic colors such as black, white and navy also look great with gray.

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