Colored Hair Spray

A colored hair spray product may not be your first choice when looking for the best temporary hair color for you. But spray on hair coloring products are a popular way to quickly and easily cover gray spots and change hair color for a few hours or a few days. These products have improved their formulas a great deal in recent years. When used correctly they can effectively color hair temporarily without waxy buildup. If your hair is very thin in some areas there are products specifically formulated to be a hair thickening color spray. The best reason of all to use these products is their forgiving nature. If the result doesn't look great, simply shampoo it out. So consider trying a colored hair spray the next time you need to do one of the following:

  • eliminate gray hair or conceal roots fast
  • spice up your hair with highlights or lowlights
  • try out a new color without committing to it
  • make a bold statement with some wild and fun color

Cover Gray, Conceal Roots

A hair color spray can instantly cover gray strands and conceal root re-growth. Some products even claim to add volume to thinning hair and can lightly disguise small balding areas. Coloring your gray hair requires regular on-going maintenance. But if you're between full color treatments and just need a quick touchup, a colored hair spray may be just the ticket. Rita Hazan and Gray Away offer a line of hair spray products that are quite popular. If you'd rather not use aerosol cans and spray chemicals, there are good alternatives available such as hair color wands that are equally effective and easier to apply.

Highlights, Lowlights and New Colors

Using colored hair spray products is the best way to experiment with different looks. Spray in highlights and special effects hair color let you test drive first without committing. If you've ever wondered 'should I highlight my hair' now you can stop wondering and find out immediately. Try out blonde hair highlight ideas or use a dark brown or black hairspray for lowlights. These products can also be used to completely change all your hair color as well as to create a hair highlight spray effect. Use them to check out different color hair spray ideas like platinum blonde or fiery red. Test out new hair colors first with a hair spray that you wash out before progressing to a semi, demi or permanent dye.

Fun Colors

Colored hair spray is a great way to try out crazy hair colors for costume parties or just a fun night out on the town. There's no limit to the variety of punk hair dye colors to choose from. You can really let those creative juices flow with purple hair dye, blue hair dye, green hair dye and any other color in the rainbow, including neon and metallics. Hair sprays are the best way to experiment with different punk hair ideas to make a bold, quirky statement. And the best thing about them is they're as easy to wash off as they are to spray on. Also check out these popular, semi-permanent fun colors if you want to keep your great new look a little longer.

Colored Hair Spray Tips

Directions may vary from product to product, so be sure to read specific instructions carefully. In addition to this helpful article on using hair sprays for color, here's some important safety tips and techniques for best results.

  • Apply product outdoors if possible to get lots of fresh air; otherwise, make sure you have adequate air ventilation with a fan. Avoid inhaling the fumes and keep spray away from your eyes. Some products contain chemicals that can irritate your lungs.

  • Some spray products use aerosol cans that may be extremely flammable and combustible. Check label warnings and stay away from open flames. Also avoid storing cans in places where temperatures can soar such as in a car trunk.

  • Hair should be clean and completely dry before spraying on color. Clean hair provides the best base for color to adhere to. Dry hair is necessary otherwise the color may run and result in a splotchy appearance.

  • If you're applying a lot of color to long or thick hair, section off thin layers of hair near the scalp first and apply a light coat. Let it dry thoroughly, then continue applying to successive layers. Short, light spurts of color are better than heavy, thick applications.

  • If you want to try a hair color that's lighter than your natural color, apply a white hairspray first. Let it dry completely, then followup with the natural color hair spray you want to try out. Applying the white color first provides a lighter base for the new color to show better on.

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