Color Oops

Check out Color Oops if you have a hair color disaster. Choosing the right hair color is not easy and sometimes requires a little experimenting. But when the experiment goes wrong turn to Oops hair color remover. It quickly and safely removes artificial dye and restores your hairs' natural color.

This product can only remove artificial dye. It can't replace natural color that has been lightened with bleaching. So it is not a hair highlight removal product. It works best when hair has been dyed too dark and you want to return to your natural, lighter color.

It won't remove direct deposit dyes such as temporary, henna or vegetable hair color either. It is used for removing semi permanent hair color and any other dye that is mixed with a developer before applying. It works by reversing the oxidation process and shrinks pigment molecules inside the hair shaft. The smaller artificial dye molecules are washed out during several cycles of shampoo and rinse. It's gentle on hair and doesn't contain ammonia, bleach or peroxide.

Reviews of Color Oops

The following is a summary of many Color Oops reviews and recommendations from various sources. Most users rate it positively. Some of the negative reviews are due to improper expectations, in my opinion. As mentioned before, Oops cannot restore bleached hair to its' former dark color. Here's some more helpful information and user reviews.

  • Read the Color Oops hair product instructions carefully and follow them exactly. Timing is critical. Shampoo and rinse for a minimum of 20 minutes since this is what removes old color.
  • Color Oops hair color remover has a strong metallic, sulfur odor. Use a heavily scented shampoo and conditioner.
  • Hair is very porous during hair color stripping. If you re-color right after removing dye choose a lighter, warmer shade. Do not re-color longer than 5 minutes or else hair will dye darker than expected.
  • Have a rich, moisturizing conditioner on hand to counteract the drying effects. An overnight hair mask is best.
  • Since color results can be unpredictable, have a hair color kit on hand so you can re-color hair if needed.
  • If you dyed hair darker, after using this product your hair may appear a little lighter than your natural color. This is usually because the dark hair dye contained peroxide which bleached your natural color before replacing it with darker, artificial dye. Once the dark dye was removed it left behind lighter hair color which had been bleached a bit from the earlier peroxide.

Tips on How to Remove Hair Dye

The most important hair color removal tip, regardless of which product you use, is to always perform a strand and skin patch test first. The small amount of time and effort involved is well worth it if it saves you from an even more disastrous hair color, or worse, a bad allergic reaction. Follow the specific instructions for each product, as they may vary.

If you want to re-color hair after using this product, first use a 'filler' protein conditioner such as Satin Reconstruct. It repairs hair by filling out and smoothing the porous hair surface. This prevents the re-color from dyeing too dark and helps color adhere more evenly.

If your hair is stressed use the 'Extra Conditioning' version of Oops instead of the 'Extra Strength'. Wait a few weeks before re-coloring. Remove dye from hair when it's moisturized and well-conditioned for best results.

Apply this product in a warm room with no drafts. Cooler temperatures will inhibit the products' effectiveness. Do not use dryers or external heat sources, but do put a shower cap over hair to keep in body heat.

Shampoo and rinse using warm water for at least 20 minutes, never less. This is what literally washes the old color out.

Sometimes you may experience an extra stubborn hair coloring problem that resists removal. This can be due to excessive hair coloring or coloring with very dark dye. Assuming hair is in good condition, simply reapply color remover in a few days.

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