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If you're in the market to buy henna there are many products to choose from. Besides hair coloring, the other uses of henna are legion. From natural cosmetics to Mehandi cone supplies, the list of henna-based goods continues to grow. Most well established shops sell a variety of henna items where you can purchase pure powder or paste as well as  skin and hair care products that contain it. Find out more about popular items such as henna lip colors, henna coloring pens and supplies needed to practice traditional Mehandi body art. A wide range of assorted henna products and supplies  are available from this  reputable retailer.

Henna Lip Stain

Are you looking for lip color made from 100% natural ingredients that won't dry out your lips with synthetic chemicals? That won't leave smudges on clothes or coffee cups? Henna-based lip colors are made from  henna extracts and natural plant dyes. They're water-based so there's no waxy, sticky build-up on lips. They temporarily stain lips by absorbing into the skin's surface.

Simply apply a thin coat, rub lips together and wait a few seconds for the color to absorb and dry. Shades can be as subtle or vibrant as you want depending on how many coats of color are applied. Create your own custom shade by layering one favorite color over another. Lip stain wears off gradually. Some products are designed with dual-sided lipstick and lip liner for convenience.


Henna Pens

If you want an easy and fast way to decorate skin with henna, there's a new product for you. It's a pen filled with henna extract liquid instead of ink. Once applied to the skin the design should last about 7 days before gradually fading away. It couldn't be easier to use. Simply use on clean, dry skin and wait a few minutes for henna extract to dry. The pattern can be re-applied as often as desired.

Henna body art applied in the traditional way will last longer than a henna pen. However, that process is more time-consuming and complicated. These henna extract pens offer convenience for those who want skin art decoration in a hurry that lasts about a week. Remember to close the pens after each use to prevent liquid from drying. When you buy henna colored pens be sure all ingredients are natural. Avoid any black colored “henna” ink  because it may contain harmful chemicals.

Henna Mehandi

This is a traditional Indian art form often practiced during weddings and festivals. Henna paste is applied to the skin which creates a temporary skin decoration. These beautiful motif designs are often complex and intricate. The natural henna paste can be applied with a modern ready-made henna cone or colored henna paste tubes. However, traditional henna mehndi paste is often still made in rural areas in India. Also people sometimes prefer to make henna paste from scratch rather than buy henna supplies. Making henna paste involves grinding fresh henna leaves and adding oil. The resulting home made henna leaf paste is often preferred because it is thought to create richer, darker colors.

After applying henna with a cone, tube or brush the mixture begins to dry in about 15 minutes. The henna paste is kept moist by applying a sugar and lemon juice liquid which encourages the dye to stain darker. Sometimes a wrap made of thin paper or plastic is used to cover the decorated area for several hours. The wrap traps body heat which intensifies the color even more. When the henna  is  removed the decoration may have a light to dark orange color. Over the next few days oxidation sets in and the color gradually darkens to a deep red brown. Traditional henna body art applied correctly can remain for up to 5 weeks, depending on the freshness and quality of ingredients used. Moisturizing the henna pattern with olive, coconut or another natural oil helps to prevent the design from fading.

The coloring paste used in mehandi art is sometimes called a henna tattoo ink. However, the word tattoo usually refers to a permanent design made by inserting indelible ink into the skin, usually with a needle. In contrast, designs made with henna ink are temporary and applied topically to the skin surface only.

Buy Henna Products Safely

When you buy henna products it's important to choose a brand you trust. Products must be guaranteed to contain only safe, natural ingredients. They must explicitly not contain metal salts, PPD's, pesticides or preservatives. Henna King is a popular 'one stop shop' that offers an incredible variety of quality henna products and excellent customer service. They also have a large selection of stencils and body art patterns so you're sure to find your best mehandi design. Jamila Henna also provides quality henna products for both hair coloring and body art. Their new henna powders are sealed in vacuum-packed pouches and date-stamped to ensure freshness.

Learn more about different henna applying methods, where to buy henna and what brands users recommend. Here's a great henna discussion forum and informative henna articles.

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