Beard Trimming

There are many different types of beard trimming products to choose from. Each model has various  advantages and disadvantages. Spend some time  checking out websites that have a beard trimmer review section. Amazon usually has a wealth of reviews on just about every kind of beard trimmer in the retail market. It's amazing how much information real users provide. Many will write detailed pros and cons on different features that you'd  never know about otherwise.

Newer models with improved features are constantly being designed. Identify what you want your trimmer to do well. Knowing what you need when using a beard trimmer helps you determine what features to look for. Then  search user reviews with keywords related to those features to find out how particular brands and models measure up. Here are some brand names of popular beard trimming products and their recent model numbers.

  • Braun beard trimmer: Cruzer series
  • Conair beard trimmer: GMT900, GMT265CS, GMT189RGB, GMT175RCS
  • Norelco beard trimmers: G370, QT4070, QT4050, QT4022, QT4010
  • Panasonic beard trimmer: ER224S, ER-GB40-S, ER2403K, ER-CA35-K
  • Remington beard trimmers: HC5550, HC5350, MB4040, MB1000
  • Wahl beard trimmers: 9918-6171, 9916-817, 9906-717, 5537-1801

Dependable Power Supply

Beard trimmers use either a power cord, batteries or a combined corded/cordless mode. Each power source has it's advantages and disadvantages. If you require a robust power supply that easily handles heavy, thick hair non-stop, choose an electric beard trimmer. If you  travel outside North America look for a multi-voltage unit that runs on both 120 and 220 volts.

If you prefer the cordless feature, check the battery life. The Remington beard trimmer MB4040 boasts 120 minutes of cordless runtime. Find out how long it takes to fully recharge the unit and what type of battery it uses. Some trimmers use  built-in batteries  that you can't replace yourself which is inconvenient. A new Wahl beard trimmer uses energy-saving lithium batteries that stop consuming energy as soon as they are fully charged. Other rechargeable beard trimmer units have an  LCD display that shows how much battery charge is left.

Some models require batteries to be completely drained  before they can  charge again. Other beard trimming products won't operate while they're plugged into the re-charger. The initial charge requires varying amounts of time depending on the model. Read  directions carefully about how to charge batteries correctly for each specific model.

Beard Trimming and Cutting Features

What kind of cutting and trimming features do you want? Some models are versatile, all purpose groomers that can handle any task. They come with multiple attachments for everything from trimming a beard and mustache, clipping head hair, grooming body hair or snipping ear and nose hair. Two of the more popular models are the Philips G270 beard trimmer and Philips G380 beard trimmer. Generally these all-in-one type models perform most tasks adequately without excelling in any specific one.

Some models are designed for specific functions such as removing beard stubble, pre-shaving or light beard trimming. They may not work as well on heavy facial hair. Other models boast a turbo power button that boosts cutting power to trim a beard with thick hair or tackle a heavy neck beard. If you use a beard or mustache dye, first trim facial hair before coloring it. Here's some great info on best ways to color your beard and mustache.

Take a close look at the  quality of the attachments. A good mustache trimmer  should be small and sharp with a precise cutting line. Clipper comb attachments for cutting head hair  should be sturdy but flexible with no sharp, stabbing tines. Some units can be used on dry  or wet hair while others are limited to dry hair. The selection of different cutting lengths varies  from just a few on one model to  eighteen on another. The range of cutting length  is generally  1/32 inch to 23/32 inch.

Comfortable and Convenient Design

Check how easy it is to hold and operate the beard trimming unit in different  cutting positions. It shouldn't be too heavy but still provide a solid, non-slip grip. Some reviewers complained the unit's handle was too slick and kept slipping from their hand, especially when wet.

Are all the function buttons located easily? In one model the power button was placed right next to the attachment release button. Not surprisingly reviewers complained they were constantly ejecting the attachment by mistake. A nice-to-have feature is a travel lock that prevents units from switching on unintentionally.

Some models create more noise and vibration than others. It may be due to the unit having more power, or it may be just poor design. Is it easy to adjust the length setting? Some newer models have an LCD display that conveniently shows the selected cutting length. Is the attachment stand sturdy and well designed? Does it provide easy access and storage?

Maintenance and Cleaning

Some beard trimming products require blades to be periodically oiled. Other products are made with maintenance-free stainless steel blades that don't require oiling. One feature that gets mixed reviews is the integrated beard trimmer vacuum. It capture hairs inside the handle as you cut. Some users claim constantly cleaning out the hair chamber is more nuisance than convenience.

Hair cutting products tend to get messy every time they're used. Find out if the unit can be cleaned  with water or if it needs to stay dry. Does it clean up quickly and easily? Make sure product includes a decent brush. All accessories should be easy to attach, remove and rinse clean.

Customer Service and Warranty

Before purchasing a beard trimming product call or email a Customer Service representative to ask a few questions. Find out how responsive and helpful they are. This is a preview of what to expect if you do  call them later as a customer. Verify the manufacturers' warranty is good for at least one year; many beard trimming products offer a two year warranty. Find out if the warranty covers both parts and service, and what actions may invalidate it.

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