Beard Grooming

Good beard grooming is essential to having a handsome beard. Key factors to consider are the color, cut and style of your beard. These same factors apply equally to maintaining a great looking mustache. Of these three factors, learning how to color your beard or mustache can be the most challenging. Successful mustache and beard maintenance requires above all else a color that looks natural.

Most men start coloring their beard or mustache to cover the first signs of grey. But don't rush out and buy the first box of hair dye product you see on the store shelf. If you're already coloring your head hair, don't use the exact same color on your beard and mustache. Head hair and beard or mustache color should have shade variations to prevent looking artificial. First find out more about different hair color products to determine the best one for your beard grooming.

Mens beards and mustache hair don't have the same texture as head hair. Facial hair is more coarse and wiry which makes it resistant to coloring. Grey hair anywhere is harder to color because it has a thicker outer layer. Grey facial hair is the most color-resistant of all. Be sure to use products that are specifically formulated for covering grey facial hair to get the best results.

Different Ways to Color

There are all kinds of facial hair coloring products to choose from. The most popular are instant temporary color, semi-permanent dyes, hair sprays and hair sticks, permanent dyes and henna. Each of these have their pros and cons.

Instant Temporary Color

Instant temporary color is my favorite because it's so easy to use. You control where and how much color to apply for a very natural look. Brush in color lets you get as detailed and targeted as you want to be. It's also great for quick and easy touchup of grey hair re-growth regardless of how you color your facial hair.

Semi-Permanent Dyes

Semi-permanent dyes often look great in the beginning but tend to fade over time. This can leave your beard and mustache looking drab and washed out with a shade you don't like. These products basically coat the outer hair shaft with temporary pigments. This product will need to be re-applied regularly and using them too often can dry out hair and irritate skin. Learn more about semi-permanent dyes here.

Hair Sprays and Sticks

Hair sprays and sticks are convenient because they can be applied quickly and easily anywhere. However, some brands may create a waxy buildup. Hair sprays work better on larger areas but are not suited for beard grooming that requires detailed, targeted coloring and shading.

Permanent Dyes

To cover grey hair completely, permanent dyes work best. Be aware that some products create a flat, one-dimensional 'blocked color' look. Permanent dyes use a peroxide developer so be careful of how much peroxide is used and don't leave it on too long. Some reviewers commented they had irritated skin, beard burn or an itchy beard after using some of these products. Other reviewers were very satisfied with their results. Learn more about permanent dyes here.


A natural alternative to chemical based dyes is henna. It's enjoying a renewed popularity in beard grooming as a hair color option for men. However, application is messy and time-consuming. Be sure to purchase 'body-art' quality henna which is the purest henna available. Pure 100% henna can produce only shades of red and gold. Pure henna can never dye hair black. To create black color an indigo dye must be added which may contain harmful chemicals depending on where the henna was sourced.

Mustache and Beard Grooming Tips

Compare different facial hair looks and take time to choose the best beard style that fits your personality and lifestyle. Check out the most popular mustaches here and get tips on growing a mustache. Once your beard and mustache are perfectly colored, don't forget these other beard grooming tools to complete your perfect look. Find out how to choose the best beard trimmer for you. Here are some great tips for mustache grooming to keep your mustache looking its best.  For fun and inspiration, check out these mustache and beard pictures in this very amusing article called the "20 Manliest Mustaches and Beards From Facial Hair History".

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