Beard Dye


One of the more popular brands of beard dye is Just for Men beard and mustache color by L'Oreal. This brush-in color gel comes in eleven shades and application time is a fast five minutes. Another well-known product is Clairol for Men Natural Instincts which can be used to color both head and facial hair. Unlike permanent dyes, these products deposit pigments on the outer hair shaft and just partially permeate the inner hair shaft cortex.

The color from semi-permanent dyes is temporary and gradually fades with each shampoo. These products can't cover grey as thoroughly as permanent beard dyes which contain ammonia and higher levels of peroxide. If you want a subtle, blended look with lightly colored grey showing through, a semi-permanent product might be the best choice for you.

Semi-permanent dyes can't lighten hair color. They lack the chemicals needed to fully permeate the inner hair shaft cortex. They are most effective at enhancing your natural color or making your hair darker. Because they deposit pigments on the hair surface, variations in color tones and shading are created which often result in a more natural look.


Permanent dye delivers consistent, even color to all hair strands. It is the strongest product for gray hair coverage. It can completely replace gray with new color or drastically change hair color. Use a permanent color product when you want to dye beard hair up to two shades lighter. Most color kits include a bottle of ammonia with another bottle of peroxide developer which are mixed together. Ammonia enables the solution to penetrate deep into the inner hair shaft. The peroxide developer strips away natural pigments, lightening hair so coloring agents can deposit new pigment.

Hair color from permanent dye doesn't fade. It remains until new hair growth replaces it. Root re-growth can be quite noticeable and will require color touch-ups. However, applying permanent hair dye chemicals to root re-growth every few weeks can dry and damage hair. Instead, try a temporary hair color product that's gentle on skin and hair. It covers up re-growth easily and delivers a great, natural look.

Beard dye and mustache dye should stay within one to two shades of the head hair color. This ensures there won't be too much contrast. The overall effect will look more natural and complement skin and eye color. If you do want a mustache or beard color that is much lighter or darker than your current shade, it's best to see a professional hair colorist.

Prevent Beard Dye Irritation

Some reviewers complain that facial hair coloring products irritate their skin. Others experience no problems and are satisfied with the results. Semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes may or may not be the best choice for you depending on individual reactions. Follow these tips to minimize skin irritation. If any pain or discomfort still occurs it's time to look for another product.

  • Always do a skin patch test first to check for allergies and negative skin reactions. Apply 1/2 teaspoon of prepared dye on inside of arm near elbow and wait 48 hours.
  • Apply vaseline around treated areas to protect skin and prevent staining.
  • Use a small brush applicator, not fingers, to coat hair thoroughly from roots to ends. Avoid rubbing product into skin.
  • Remove product several minutes earlier rather than later. You can always re-apply to darken hair. Leaving product on too long can damage skin. Check the coloring process every few minutes by removing dye from a small area of hair with a wet paper towel.
  • Rinse dye off thoroughly until water runs clear, especially on a thick beard. Hop into a shower if needed to make sure all beard dye residue is gone.

Tips For an Awesome Beard

Once you've got your perfect beard color, check out these popular beard styles to get the best look for you. Remember that dry hair can absorb dye unevenly and cause facial hair color to streak and look blotchy. To prevent this apply a beard moisturizer regularly to condition facial hair and keep it soft. To look your best check out these helpful tips on caring for your beard and mustache.

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