Your Guide to Great Hair Color

Welcome to Hair Color Scout, your definitive guide to all things related to getting great color. Here you'll find information on different types of techniques, unbiased user reviews and tons of helpful tips.

There are so many products to color your hair with in the market today. Each one has it's pros and cons. It's difficult to decide which is the best product for you. First you need to find out which technique will help you reach your coloring goal. Discover the differences between permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, temporary, henna and other natural based dyes. Then get detailed information on specific products such as:

  • complete ingredients listing
  • independent safety ratings of chemicals used
  • unbiased user reviews and hair blogs
  • coloring tips to get best results

Which Product Is Best For You?

Your personal hair type, hair history and desired end result influence which product will be most effective for you. For instance, what is your current color and do you plan to go lighter or darker? Is your current color natural or artificial? Are you new to coloring or a seasoned pro with a history of trying out different products? If you have grey hair do you want to change it all in one day or subtly transition to a new shade? Maybe you'd like to try something different like hair streaking with a hot pink hair dye?

There are many factors to consider before choosing a hair coloring technique and then deciding on a specific product. Hair Color Scout provides you with all the information you need to find your best hair dye.

Safety Comes First

We provides links to reviews, articles and industry information to present a balanced overview of a product's effectiveness and safety. We report any warnings and possible side effects that have been listed for specific product ingredients. When available, we include links to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the chemicals used in a product.

Many people understandably want to minimize their exposure to chemicals in every way possible. The hair color industry has responded to this need with a variety of products. Some products simply contain lower amounts of conventional coloring chemicals in hair dye. Other products blend natural extracts with traditional hair dyes. Unfortunately, due to lax labeling requirements in the cosmetics industry, not every product labeled 'natural' or 'organic' is necessarily so. Find out how much conventional coloring chemicals are actually used in products, despite their labels.

Get Rid of the Grey

Grey hair is notoriously difficult to color. Discover which types of coloring products cover grey most effectively and resist color fading. Learn tips and techniques to create a natural look with subtle shading. Find out how to save time and money with fast and easy color touch ups. Compare 'progressive' hair dyes with conventional color to determine which product works best for you.

Natural Based Hair Color Products

Chemical-free, organic hair dye products continue to be popular alternatives to conventional products. Henna is a well known product used to color hair naturally but there are many other choices. Discover how you can make your own 100% organic hair color products at home. They're a great way to avoid a common hair dye allergy. Not only do you save time and money but you get to create your own custom shade as well.

Hair Dye For Men

Guys, learn how to get a great, natural look when you color your hair. Discover which techniques work best for beard and mustache grooming. Find out which products for men work most effectively on facial hair without irritating skin. Understand how progressive hair dyes work and whether they're the right product for you. Discover the benefits of temporary color products and natural beard dye. And finally, find the best accessories such as beard and mustache brushes, trimmers and combs to show off your great new color.

Information You Can Use

Hair Color Scout delivers information on all this and much more.

  • coloring techniques
  • product reviews
  • how to apply henna
  • homemade organic dyes
  • best ways to cover grey
  • beard and mustache grooming
  • coloring tips for best results
  • effective color removers
  • how to handle a color emergency

There's so much more to coloring hair than simply choosing the right color. Check out our site to learn more. Hopefully you'll discover some new info that will help you or someone you know.

Happy coloring!

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